Just when you think… you have… heard it all…

Naked man crashes through ceiling at Boston airport restroom, attacks elderly man



Before leaving for family visits this morning, I peeked at an online newspaper… that was one of the headlines.


I know it can rain cats and dogs… but naked men?


I am bringing my umbrella. 



Mother Nature needs some time off

Mother Nature is at it again it seems. We plunged into winter, snow fell, then a bit more fell, some melted and she noticed… so she sent some more.


She seems confused today as she is picking her snow up and swirling it all over the place, like she doesn’t know where to put it, I do wish she would make up her mind, we shovelled our driveway twice this week, the snowblower is going on our tractor this weekend… but with her tossing snow all over the place… the snow we shovelled is going to end up in the driveway again. sheish. where is my exclamation mark… oh here it is !!!!!


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Catching up… yet again … so rambling time

Phew.. I am behind on blogging, time keeps zipping by for some reason. I know the days are getting shorter, well less light, but it seems they are getting shorter too. Being busy must be the culprit. I should retire. lol

So I will ramble and rant now, you know… to catch up.

The news has been interesting, we landed on a comet! (we being humans), considering how far away this happened, and how fast the comet travels, this is quite an accomplishment. So the next item that boggles my mind…. is why “kids eating laundry pods” is in the news so much. 

LaundryPackets (Small) cute huh?  not when you eat them though.

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Trick or hmmmm hey those are my treats

It is getting closer again, that night when we train our youth to go door to door to become candy thieves…

It is horrible, we buy all these wonderful sized titbits of chocolate, candy and tiny bags of chips…. and they ring the bell and ask for them or threaten to do dastardly tricks….

We are not sure how many will come to our door this year, each neighbour we ask has a different estimate, I think we need to have enough for four hundred of them.


Well we could have one to two hundred, maybe more who knows?

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Just catching up

We are becoming much more settled in our new house, we are even starting to call it home, it is starting to feel that way.


It is interesting what you learn when you have to remedy things in a home. Creaking doors, lights that come on when no one is there… doors that slowly close on their own.


Hey, don’t watch cheesy shows like ghost hunters late at night and then expect to check out some of those things, or even turn off basement lights… I am just saying…

Creaky doors were easy, we squirted oil on the hinges. Pssst be sure to have a rag handy for when it drips.

Lights that come on by themselves were fun also, we have outdoor sensor lights, some inside too, that come on when motion is detected. So when the lights pop on, in a fenced backyard, we all peek out the windows to see who the trespasser is. Then do rock paper scissors to see who gets to check. Seems it is the wind a lot of times, but there are tiny screws on the sensors to adjust them so they are not so sensitive. great… hsp lights, but I digress. 

Doors that close on their own are very annoying, I checked too, there are no ghosts closing them… I don’t think. hmmmm.

But I fixed them, well Megan helped. It is good to involve others in tasks, it makes them feel wanted and needed. ;)

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To hug or not to hug

Yesterday one of my students asked me a question, one that is asked often, one that I asked my professors not too long ago. Is it ok to hug your patients. He said that he has asked this before of other professors, but my being in active practice, he wondered if I had different views on this.

This can be somewhat complex. You open a persons mind up in therapy, raw emotions are oozing out, you turn them inside out, revisit painful experiences, their inner self is exposed for judgement. You emphasise, you feel their emotions, you often will revisit the painful experience with them…. it is instinct to hug. 



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Forgiveness, is it possible.

In psychotherapy, it is often desired to have the patient forgive. This is a broad concept encompassing forgiveness of self and of others.

Quite simply, when we do not forgive, then anger, resentment, bitterness… these things grow within us. They can become quite driving, damaging to our bodies and mind. Dealing with them, without sorting them out can lead to depression, substance abuse and more.

Can we forgive? Is it important?

Forgiveness of self is very important. Forgiving others can allow you to move on, we are taught that we should forgive, this is true. We all can err, we can all make mistakes. Sometimes we are not in control, for various reasons, not the true person inside. Accidents can happen, mistakes can happen. Vocal outbursts, without thought can happen. There are so many considerations, variables, situations.

First we need to understand. There is a difference between accidental and deliberate. Deliberate also has a range, malicious, impulsive, uncontrolled.

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