Global warming

eeeeeps, global warming seems to be causing deforestation…


this is bad right?


no more trees…..


I bet you haven’t given this much thought…


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The countdown grows shorter

Our excitement is building as moving day gets closer. I have an app on my phone that is counting down by day. Each night at midnight it changes… and I am watching as it does so lol. Then the house fills with the number of days left shouted out by all. seems we all have apps on our phones counting down.

Aimee’s app is counting down by minutes, she is more precise. It looks like a much longer time though… I hope she finishes packing.

Oh packing is such fun. We were very careful at first to label the box as to which room it will go in…. and the contents. But then to make use of the boxes contents sort of spread out a bit, to get the best fit in the box. Labeling becomes less exact.



After a while it seems we just tape the box shut and hope for the best. When walking in a room, carrying “stuff” to pack in a box…. when the box suddenly pops open and Aimee jumps out… do you know what happens to the “stuff” you were carrying? sheish

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We did it

Busy is nice, it keeps one… hmmmm well busy. eeeeeps


Last year we thought about not renting anymore and perhaps buying our own home. Jill showed us how much money we were spending and how it was just sort of vanishing. We love where we are but to be able to do anything we wish to the house would be so amazing too. Also the nice couple we rent from want to retire more and they are interested in selling.  

We looked at some homes last year, eeeeeeps again, there are a lot of zeros in those numbers. 

Jill put us on a strict budget (tis handy to have a bookkeeper in the family) ((oh oh))

We saved quite a bit over the year and started looking again for a home we could make our own.

We found one!

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Fete Des Peres


The day has returned,

Memories, awake and stir.

You live within me.




Je t’aime papa
je m’ennuie de toi




 America’s got talent is interesting, not so much that there is talent there…. eeeps, well there are some very good acts. The judges have changed though, Yes the same ones as last year, but the annoying conflict that was occurring has gone that the previous judges had, that made the show so annoying to watch, I do miss Sharon though, for the most part the new judges get along very well. Most of the time, and always when it is important.

It was important on last nights show.

The new judges show compassion. 

Last night, a girl was getting ready to preform. She was to sing. Not everyone is suited to stand before a large audience and sing, it is a daunting thing to face so many, with expectations. This does not even take into account all the back stage people, all the lights and the cameras. 

When you suffer with anxiety, it is beyond understanding for most, at what you must overcome. It is mind numbing in fact.

This video clip is from last nights show.

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Who are you?



This is something that I run across more and more often. Who am I… this is not me, I am not like this, I wasn’t like this before, who am I, where did I go.

We often struggle with the question, who am I. It starts very early in age, then it is am I mommies favorite, am I your friend, later it can progress to much stronger issues.

These are more simple questions, but some will linger in the mind and fester too, as some struggle more with who are they. Sexual orientation will often play into this search for who am I at an early age, and the struggles as you try to sort that out.

I will meet with someone and ask this, who are you…. sometimes, because of where we are when I ask, I will receive the answer, I am Becky and I am bipolar…. or many other things.

But that is not true. oh yes she may be Becky, she may struggle at times with bipolar disorder, she is not bipolar though, her struggles may define her, they may help to make her who she is, but they are not her, she is not it. But these are semantics, playing with words.


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The Elusive Nap

I have spoken about sleep before, a few times. I am a nagger though, repetitiveness is often the name of my game, so here I am again rambling on about napping…

Napping is often what we do at night, rather than sleep. Just take short naps and then awake, fighting to return to our sleep, or fighting sleep… or nightmares… or night terrors, that awakened us so cruelly.

Insomnia is  very common, there are many things that can cause it.

Waking quickly, our bodies locked in a ridged state, totally unable to move, a night terror having just ripped through our mind, leaving us in a very aroused state, panicking. We can have panic attacks whilst sleeping also, and then awake so quickly, wanting to escape, to runnnnnnnnn… but our bodies are locked, paralyzed, our minds are so confused.

Does this sound like a scary movie?

Unfortunately it is not. 

Sleep can be very elusive and when it starts to hide from us we suffer.

Depression and insomnia carry strong ties. Though a lack of sleep may not cause depression, it will deepen it considerably. Over longer periods the likelihood of this happening increases considerably.  

Mental Disorders, though may not cause insomnia, in round about ways contribute to it. ADD/ADHD, Bipolar, OCD/Anxiety disorders,  being prime examples, and of course PTSD. But insomnia can also weaken us and studies now lead to the possibility of longer periods of insomnia increasing our chance of developing a disorder.


Get a snack, this will be long….


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