Do it yourself. you can do it….

We decided that we need to move some of our garden tools and some storage items out of our garage and into a shed. We want to build a very nice shed that does not look like a shed, but that will be for next year. So in the meantime we just need a quick fix.


last week we found a good deal on a shed that was on sale and was even cheaper when we paid for it, wooot double bonus. It will be delivered this week. It is not pretty but it will hold some of the items that are in our way now and we can hide it behind the garage.


but needs to be assembled.

It will be nice to have the extra storage though.


But that will be easy right? To assemble? 

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Depression is an equal opportunity employer

Yesterday, I heard this often with my patients, I received an email from a blogger friend too, with the same question.

Robin Williams had everything, success, friends, money…  With all of that he still let go, he had all that to hold on to… and yet it was not enough.

I have none of that, why should I continue, what do I have to hold on to, what do I have to look forward too.

Tough questions.

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I’m only human

 A while ago I blogged about Anna Clendening, She sang on AGT (Americas got talent) and has moved on in the competition to the next level, hopefully tonight she continues. Anna battles anxiety and depression, like so many do. To go on the show she had to overcome so much, more than most of us could ever imagine. Much more.

She did so great too.

She sang again last night. I thought her song choice was incredible, listen to the words.

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Bereavement & Anger

Bereavement the sometimes not so silent grieving process when we lose a loved one.

There are stages in the grieving process, 3, 5, 7 steps that circle and change … honestly putting the stages to words doesn’t really matter. Making lists does not matter, we grieve differently. Understanding some steps though can help.

It helps to know that some of the stages are normal and why we may feel differently than what was normal.


This is a stage in the process. We all deal with grief differently. Each loss can be different for us.

Why anger?

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green grow the rushes o

hmmm but not so much our lawn.


We knew our lawn needed some tlc, there are a lot of weeds growing though and they seem to be doing quite well.


Wait what are rushes?

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Moved in



After moving one would think you could relax…. hmmmm, but there is so much to do.

It seem that the boxes do not unpack themselves for some reason. We were careful to label the boxes and contents to make unpacking easier…. well we though that we did. As we unpacked we of course ended up looking for things that ended up in other boxes to utilize the space better. We have finally found most of those things though.

We went on a buying spree, replacing some things that we felt were … hmmmm well time to replace.

Shopping is fun, lol


What did we buy?

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Global warming

eeeeeps, global warming seems to be causing deforestation…


this is bad right?


no more trees…..


I bet you haven’t given this much thought…


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