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Cooking for Two…. Hamburger patties, mashed potatoes & gravy

Another comfort food dinner. We really like this one too and it is super quick to cook. The flavour can be changed up a lot in the hamburger patties also.

Cooking with recipes is the way to start cooking, we should feel free to experiment though. A recipe may call for onions but perhaps we don’t like them.  So we see a recipe for something that we think we may like, but it has onions so we don’t try it. With most recipes we can leave some items out or change them and it will still work out, or maybe be even be better. 


We can be tricky too, veggies are not always loved by finicky eaters. even dads sometimes will shake their head and say they are not a rabbit…. 

but we can sneak the goodness of veggies into some foods and increase the taste, but don’t tell the finicky eaters this, or they will say they won’t try it.

Blenders are great for adding secret flavour and sneaking in some nutrition. 

so, on with the recipe. woooot.

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Cooking for two… Stewed meat on mashed potatoes


Just for fun I am starting something new, cooking for two. Recipes can be changed to allow for extra table sitters, but I have my reasons for two only.

I started something a year or so ago, getting someone interested in cooking with her mom, we were a bit tricky, her mom and I, but everyone seemed to benefit from this. An interest in cooking was achieved. There were quality interactions between Mother and daughter, and the food was yummy and creative. I know this because her Mom told me how good it was. The interest in cooking was also created, and this I know too, because her daughter told me she liked doing it as well… I hope to make that interest grow more, hence this new possible series of posts. Cooking for Two.

There are times that you decide that you want to cook, but the pantry is a bit skimpy and the freezer is almost empty.

Comfort food is uncomplicated food and lends itself well to cooking on a budget or with an almost empty stock of food. For those days you haven’t made it to the grocery store yet… or Dad hasn’t gone shopping.


 So the first recipe, Stewed meat on mashed potatoes. mmmmmm. We love this. Read the rest of this entry

Lindsey Stirling


Sometimes a name pops up, a new singer or a new instrumentalist and you go.. oh I have heard of them.. and then you perhaps forget again.

Some spring up faster for you, once you hear them. Some may have been about for a while and you just didnt run across them.

Last week I heard of one and was going to peek and then forgot until watching Dancing with the Stars this week and she was featured, woo hoo I remembered so I peeked more.


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Guess what day it is today…..

Come on you can do it, guess what today is.


here is a hint, it is April 1ST


have you got it now?


yup today is Tuesday.




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The ultimate rush

This winter, that seems to not want to end…

To continue on, in its ignorant bliss…

Taxing overpowering afflictions… the fever of spring.

Expecting us to wait, to postpone, to procrastinate.

Silly winter, in your white blanket of self.

You, today encountered a stronger force.

Throw at me, freezing rain and snow, sleet even too.

blech I say to you, be off with you. I will wait no longer.


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Haiku times two, for you

Yay a bright warmish day…. but don’t hold your breath…. I saw our forecast for tomorrow.


Sunny days vanish

fluffy white tormentors

spring, a fading thought


Mother Nature, blech

stop, this nonsense right away

spring, should be knocking