One More Update

This weekend…. In case anyone stops by…





Guess to who? or is it whom? drat…. 








Too busy for dreams


Recently I read a blog post, where the author  had a dream. A dream of the day when her children would… well not be children, I am sure this is something often thought of by parents, when your child takes their plates from the table to the kitchen, hangs up their coat, does their homework, sorts their clothes in the laundry…. well manages to put them in the hamper.  Where you look in their room and it doesn’t look like a puppy was chasing a kitten for a few hours.  Children though, have a very busy schedule and there is often not time for all of these things. There may be a video game that is calling out, or a text to answer. A window to stare out of or a bike to ride. So these dreams are felt by many, I am sure.

I can see that day coming,  where it is a dream for me as well. Maybe.
Right now I smile when I see the socks trying to escape the room all by themselves, or the three shoes by the door.. where is the other one?… toothpaste that they promised they put on the toothbrush.. but is on the counter instead or as well?  hmm.
Now though, this is all a sign of normalization for me, to see these signs of a child that has a busy schedule. For me this means that our two little ones are acclimating to their abrupt change of life.  That they are not living on eggshells, afraid to do anything wrong in fear of being “sent away”. That they are feeling more  that this is their home now.  They belong.  Then again, it is new for us as well, the sudden onslaught of two little ones in our lives, so these things are a part of it, and sometimes we giggle when we see a tiny hand print on the window or the  tap… still running. I am sure that it won’t take long though, before exasperation replaces giggles. Maybe. 
Right now these are good signs. They do try, how long that will last though, I wonder.  They want to impress us, maybe it will form habits? That will last? It will be interesting to see. They see how we do things and are eager to copy, they want things to be right, because they want to stay. There is that fear. We are working all the time to replace that fear with comfort, they are starting to get it. They are starting to understand that they need have no fear of being sent away, they are a part of us now. It is happening, this realization. 
We are living on eggshells as well, trying to anticipate foods they will like, when they say blech, it is ok we are learning from each other, avoiding scolding. All that will come, in time. Now we try to show how we do things, ask if they think it is a good way to do something, watch when their little faces scrunch up as they ponder that. We are learning too, I am still sort of sure socks don’t come in packs of three… but I could be mistaken. Maybe it is magic, elves like socks, I remember that from Harry Potter. 
Right now I love when I call out… did you brush your teeth and they go ahhhhhhhhhhh. But they go back and do it.   But mommy I was in a hurry.
 See? Busy.
Our Little girl turned five, we had a series of parties on the weekend. We do celebrate birthdays in a big way, it is our family thing, usually three parties, one for the four of us, now six, one for friends and one for family, the ones that don’t live with us lol. So both of our little ones have seen the party weekends now as they both have had their series of parties. Parties with us. With their new friends and with their new family. Aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents, they have great grand parents now too. They are skyping with their grandparents, sometimes they have two laptops open and two conversations going.  Often a few times a day, it is cute to watch. The grandparents are giving away secrets though. lol.
See? too busy to find that missing sock.












The update button was flashing on my keyboard.

What, you don’t have one of those?

That is odd. hmmmm. Well mine has been blinking for some time, but I have ignored it. I guess it is true that after a few years many fade away from blogging. I did enjoy it  but it does consume a bit of time, not so much blogging but keeping up with others as well. I still receive notices when a new post is …uhm posted, on someones blog though. But I don’t receive very many notices anymore as most bloggers I followed seem to have drifted away too. 

But an update, in case anyone drifts by and is wondering.

I am still practicing, I am a partner now. We are still loving our home and continue to make improvements, additions, little changes and such. Spring is sort of here, so we are anxious to play outside, planting and expanding our gardens. 

I have my multi engine rating now, so I am still flying when possible. Actually I hope to go up this weekend if the weather forecast improves. sheish. I am becoming annoyed with the soggy mother nature.

We are all doctors now, Jill has been working hard and now has her DBA! We are very proud of her!

On a somewhat larger change to our life style. We opened our home to two foster children a little while ago for an emergency situation. A little boy and a little girl who had no family other than their father.. who was in the hospital. They arrived on a Friday night with very little in the way of belongings and very undernourished, needless to say they were beyond scared and clung together so tightly.  We opened our home and our hearts to these two angels. They were in awe of so many things that children of their age should take for granted. So we spoiled them, cared for them and protected them. We showed them love and support and slowly they emerged from their sheer panic stage they had when they arrived to one of apprehensive comfort while their father fought his battle in the hospital. He unfortunately lost that battle. 

So now a little four year old girl and a five year old boy were alone in the world. Orphans. Our plan of providing care in an emergency situation… well it changed. They were in our hearts now. When we had to tell them their father had passed, our little miss asked nervously what was going to happen to them,  for how long would they stay with us, tears were forming again. I asked both of them what I promised their first day with us, our little mister said that I would keep them safe.  They were trembling in fear again. They always had this fear of abandonment, that this was not going to last. They did not have a fantastic childhood… Now they had experienced love, new clothing, a soft clean bed, two if they wanted, but for now they only wanted the one, toys, a puppy, omg toys, I told you, we spoiled them. There was so much more, we fell in love with them. We were giving them all  they had missed out on. For them it was a fairy tale.

Now they feared it was going to end, how long were they going to stay.

I told her, forever.

Unless they were not happy with us. 

She whispered, forever?

 I smiled and asked her if she would like that, if it would be ok, because we loved them so much.  We really wanted them to join our family. Forever.  He was holding his breath, so was she. Their tears were still wet on their cheeks.

They are very good huggers. They call me mommy. They really never knew their birth mother.  

They have four moms now. They discovered they have aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents now too. 

They will remain in our care, in our love. Forever.

So this is it, my update. I can push the button and send this off.

Haikus for fun

writing haikus fun
grammar not that important
just finish haikus

rhyming can be hard
so it is not always done
deep thought though, is good

it is fun to rhyme
it may take you much more time
you won’t get a dime

so some haikus rhyme
this one doesnt though, tough huh?
write your own, to rhyme

Deepest thoughts visit
minds wander with words written
pictures painted here

contagious writing
focusing minds a great task
with just a few, words

fun can be had too
if you chop a word when need..
of course that is cheat….


It is not ‘your own’ leave it be

You can change your mind, sometimes that is a good thing to do. An example is when you have an idea to make a song “your own”. Then it is a good idea to change your mind. Unless you are thief and are stealing the song? Then it is yours? I am confused. How  can you take someone else’s song and make it your own with out being a thief? When we used to watch Idol, the judges would often say.. make the song your own.  Then when they did, the judges would say you butchered that song, why do you think you are better than the original artist? What gave you the right to butcher their song? The judges were confusing and often made little sense, so we stopped watching idol.

You can change a light bulb. An idea is often associated with light bulbs, like one getting bright as you have a good idea, when it glows dim does this mean it is a bad idea? You know, like making a song your own? Then it is good to change the light bulb, if it is dim like your idea.

 You can change a diaper, you know, for when it really smells bad. It should be changed then. Nelly funlesstado, (yes I changed your name, I made it my own, see how it works?) Your rendition of O Canada was horrific, it was terrible, it was insulting it was dull it was bad it was CRAP. It was annoying, it annoyed me. You must think you are very special?

Some things, just can not be made “your own”.  A national Anthem is a song of pride, it is a song that lives in peoples hearts. It makes some smile, it makes some sad, it makes hearts fill with pride. 




Please never sing our song again, please never sing again. Practice instead, “May I take your order?”

Perhaps you can make that your own.


did I mention that I was annoyed?


Breakfast of Champions

It is coooold out. Yesterday was our coldest day.. for that date.. in 20 years.

Yay we won… eeeeps.

So we stayed in. We may shop later today, but it is cold out. Still.

So we had breakfast.



It was yummy.

We set it on fire too. There were cheers. It is nice to have a cozy fire when it is cold out…


A rhyme a rhyme my gold for a rhyme

Anniversaries they come and go,
it is a yearly thing, you know.
Unless you like them each week,
it could be that which you seek?

Once a year is good for me,
I am not too greedy you see.
An anniversary can be so nice it is sought,
or one you would rather have, not.

Not all of them are great,
some you could just hate.
We try not to pay homage to those,
maybe, instead, just write some prose?

A tribute to someone that has passed,
Or something in our memory, which is cast.
We should just try to forget these,
and focus on the ones that do us please.

We can dwell in our past if we desire,
those thorns can form such a brier.
Entangle us in its tangled grip.
deeper in we can slip.

The future is ahead.
look to it instead.
To my blog happy anniversary,
aren’t you glad this rhyme, wasn’t nursery?