You should get that looked at

We have Spring Fever, we look out the window wistfully and plan. We think about mowing the grass, washing cars in the driveway, planting flowers in our gardens, making our vegetable garden/s, planting trees, shrubs, pulling weeds, fertilizing the grass… but it was snowing this morning. AGAIN!

I think my spring fever has a cold.

We bought some trees and shrubs last weekend, we didn’t plant them, we just wanted to get them before they were picked over, in case others had spring fever.

Last year, when we bought our house, most of the garden centers didn’t have many trees or shrubs left, and they were pricey. In the spring there are many good deals to be had. Some of the trees are sort of tiny now, but they are cute.

We are excited at some of the plans we have, but we need, uhm, not snow.

We picked out some lilac trees, in different colours, some more pyramid cedars, we planted some last year, but we wanted more to put beside the fence and two on either side of our shed, that we built last year, and is still standing.  We were looking at assorted shrubs to line our patio with, trying to get some that would not become too large. Jill picked out some boxwoods and said they were very cute.  It is good to pick out shrubs that are cute.

We had a lot of trees and shrubs in our four wagons by then so a garden center person came over to help, suspecting a big sale I think. He saw the four of us with wagon loads, and I think he swaggered.. unless he was tripping on the gravel? Guys seem to stumble a lot, have you noticed this?

So the fellow that was helping us …. sort of….. asked if we knew the best time to plant a tree, I thought it may be fall, as I have heard this before, he said no…  the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago.

hmmm, I told him that 20 years ago I was seven and my dad didn’t like it when I got the shovel out of the shed…. or hammers too, for some reason.

I didn’t even smirk.

Aimee gave me a secret thumbs up though. Megan started to giggle but pretended it was at a tree.

I noticed he had a nasty cut on his arm that was obviously infected, I said that he should get that looked at as it was infected.

He said, what are you a doctor or something?

Jill piped up, they are all doctors, welcome to my world.

Well it was infected.

We did get a good batch of trees and shrubs though, some of the other trees we want are not in stock yet, so we have to wait for everyone to get spring fever. I tried to spread my germs, to speed this up, I am hoping mother nature gets it soon. I mean, this morning, IT WAS SNOWING OUT! cOMe On AlrEAdY.

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Indulging… part deux

Chocolate bars

Oh, did you start to drool? Maybe if you live in the U.S. you didn’t. 

I knew that some of the chocolate bars in Canada were not the same as the ones in the U.S.

1401237_10151719736006615_415408992_o-e1384967264545 (Small)

Rockets… not smarties, Smarties are different. Scroll down to see.


Some have the same names, but are totally different treats for some reason. But there are some that we enjoy here that are just not available down south at all. I googled to be sure, alas some of the best ones too!

I wonder if the reverse is true. The article I googled from cottage life said that :

Finding out that American chocolate bars use a different recipe will come as no surprise to Canadians who have purchased their favourite sweet south of the border, only to discover a coarser and waxier texture. But not only do Canadians have their own Canadian-ized versions of chocolate bars found throughout North America, we also have treats that are all our own.

Waxier? omg, blech, who likes chocolate that is waxy?

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Sometimes it is ok to indulge

Ok so I like potato chips. They may be called crisps too. I think they even have a potato chip day. I wonder who started that?

Potato chips on a white background.

They come in many flavours, the companies making them are always trying something new. One company, for the past couple of years, has run a contest, where people send in ideas. Then people vote for their favourite, if the winning chip does well they get a share of the proceeds and a cash prize I think. I think I read that the winning flavour last year did so poorly that they discontinued it, hmmm if it loses money does the person submitting the idea have to cover costs?

Some of the different chips they make are very unique. uhm… yes that is the word. 

Maple Moose? eeeeps

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Memories can torment us

My last post was about memories, the hidden ones that can cause such disruptions. This post will continue with that topic.

Education is the key toward understanding. This does not mean taking courses, writing exams or studying. Understanding is the way forward to helping remove the stigma attached to Mental Health.

Why do I post about stigma so much?

Because the stigma attached to mental health issues is so detrimental to healing and funding. Because it remains a dark issue, one hidden, it becomes a back burner issue when funds are dispersed as well.

As a society we are not stupid, we have the capability for understanding, compassion, to understand the things that occur in minds is how we can reduce stigma, so rather than worsen how someone feels, we can be more helpful. When someone stretches an arm to receive change and we notice scars on their arm we do not ask probing questions or allow that look of horror slip across our face. How no response other than a smile can go so far. By learning more about the illnesses that occur in minds, we can do so much more. 

Stigma, as I have often said, goes both ways. Someone suffering often, does not wish to seek help or share their torments with friends and family, where they could receive support and help, because some things are just not understood. Or believed.

So this post goes on, hopefully, to making some more aware of what goes on in some minds.

It is also, somewhat a continuation of my last post about memories. Memories can be fuzzy or clear, real or false, the point though, is they are real to the patient. We are not to judge the memory or question it, but to help the patient cope with the memory and its effects. Some memories are as clear and crisp as the day they were recorded, many are fragments that combine to form a memory.

This is where this post is going.

Hidden memories can be haunting for some.  These unconscious roots to the past can set up internal defense mechanisms of denial or dissociation, or more disruptive ones such as redirection/displacement, the list goes on, including aggressive anxiety. It is a long list.

I have, on previous posts, mentioned DID or Dissociative Identity Disorder. This is or was also known as Multiple Personality Disorder, made famous years back with the series Sybil. Memories are very tightly entwined with this disorder and how the patient has coped with trauma, and continues to do so.

Stigma is also a very large part of the trauma associated with DID. For many just can’t comprehend how this can be, or flat out disbelieve it. How does this make someone suffering with it, feel or why would they want to talk to others about it? 

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We all have bad days. Last week we had a series of them as we, my roommates and myself, combated a nasty virus that virtually knocked us off our feet for the week.

Yesterday I met a patient at the hospital, helped him to be admitted, he saved his own life I think, but for him, it was a bad day.

When at the hospital I was called, to attend to a family that was too, having a horrible day, as they just lost their mother/wife, who was taken by cancer at a young age.

I also attended to the doctors and nurses, who watched, during surgery, this life fade and could not restore it.

So, for me, another bad day as well, as these days are hard.

We have bad days.

Some bad days create memories of course. This is where this post is going. The memories that were created, perhaps at a younger age, that torment us, unknowingly. Our minds conceal them, repress them.

They are known as repressed memories. dissociative amnesia.

Here lies controversy though.

Are these memories real.

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The POWER of a hug.

I have posted about hugs before. Here.

When in therapy a hug can be powerful, but often unwanted also. This post is not about hugs whilst in therapy.

 There have been numerous studies done, on the power and effects of a hug. A lot is exchanged, the feeling of support, that you are not alone, the caring, the love. It is stress reducing, a natural antidepressant   as it stimulates the release of complex brain chemicals, many of them. A simple caring hug. Even one of those wimpy light hugs with the back slapping?… well maybe not. If you go to the trouble of giving someone a hug, make it count.  The chemical release goes both ways. 

This power, lasts for a while too, not just the moment of the hug, but long after. Children hug easily, as we age and become more enclosed within ourselves we often brush a hug off. The contact is just very uncomfortable for some, for numerous reasons. I like to overcome those reasons, when I can. So that the power of the hug can be received. 

Not everyone is a good hugger. A good hug is one that is tight, arms wrapped around, not squeezing so much that hair stands up and eyes bulge… and picking someone up in a hug… this is wrestling. It should leave you feeling cozy. If you plan on a wimpy one armed light hug.. then just shake hands.

During my rounds at the hospital, I visit with many people. Often those that are suffering with serious medical issues and their families. Suffering with very scary things. Things that are often terminal, or the fear is very strong, that it can or will be. 

I like to visit with children as much as I can, and their families. 

Tomorrow, March 5th one such child has made a request. 

He would like everyone in the world to hug each other. He would like that very much as he is going in for brain surgery, again. He wants the worlds love to encompass his mother. So she will feel comforted when he is in surgery, so she won’t worry.

This is why I like to visit with the children as much as I can.

He asked his mother to post a video on Youtube, to tell his story and to make this request.


She did.





Lazy Monday

A Monday off, a lazy day.

Mother Nature can’t make up her mind today, 

Brilliant sunshine followed with blizzards,

snow filling our view outside

Then the sunshine returns and the snow that fell, blows,

drifting filling the driveway and then blowing away.


Our wind-chimes are singing, the notes clear and pure.

I don’t recognize the song, though I am sure I have heard it before.

We are relaxing today, the weekend was busy.

Today is an inside day, for the most part. 


Aimee and I made lunch, it seemed a feast. Jill watched.

She is determined to, as she says, cook like us.

She just gets so annoyed that we don’t have recipes.

So she takes notes now.


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