I am just going to post this video, it says it all. 

Yay Rick Mercer!




Optical illusion? …. or Dressgate

The internet will often become a buzz with something, people rally around a cause or take indignation to a comment or image. Tweets will twitter and faces book no nonsense as posts bounce, emails fly and people talk around the web water cooler.

From staring at a peaceful scene quietly trying to see a hidden object… unbeknownst waiting for a scary face to pounce out at you, to trying to sort out lines that seem longer or shorter, llamas running…. the 15 minutes of fame continues with many things.

Last night I got caught up in what seems the latest one, the blue black white gold dress. Have you heard about it?

This dress, or the photo of it, started on tumblr. It was worn by the mother of the bride and a photo was taken and sent to the daughter, she showed the photo to her fiance, who disagreed on the colour…. oh oh, it is starting early….

So they showed the photo to friends, and everyone is seeing this dress differently, mostly split between blue and black or white and gold, though pale blue and goldy brown or orange and blue are also seen.

What colours do you see?  ….and why?

hmmm should I do a psychological explanation?

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Class Action Reward

Class Action lawsuit results


No not from suing the birdy movie people, but I think that is a good idea….

If you purchased electronics, between 1999 and 2002, in Canada you can claim $20.oo for each item purchased. There is a simple claim form, where if you only bought one device, they just send (apparently) you the money, if you bought more, and most of us would have as this includes gaming consoles and printers, you may have to offer proof. I am not sure who keeps receipts from the olden days.

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This is not a movie review

We decided to go out for some fun last night, we were going clubbing but thought we would see a movie first. The Oscars will be handed out this weekend, so it is nice to have seen some of the movies that are nominated. We have seen some of them but of the “bigger ones” we haven’t. So we noticed The Birdman was still playing.

I am always leery of seeing movies that are nominated for best picture. For the past few years… decade… movies that are nominated, seem to be movies that “they” have decided convey a message.. or something.  I do wonder if the critics actually go to see the movies.

Birdman has incredible reviews by the critics. So we picked that one.

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Light me up.

bulb (Small)

No I didn’t have an idea.

Light bulbs, there are a few. Led, Incandescent, CFL (not the football league), Halogen, probably more that I have not noticed. We have choices.

Well not so much. Choices, Incandescent bulbs are getting harder to find now, our government is banning them. Seems they decided that they are energy inefficient. hmmmm. I know they produce something like 20% light and 80%  heat, whereas the other bulbs, well some of them, produce more light than heat. LED produces almost no heat. We have some LED lights under our cabinets, for uhm… under cabinet lighting.  Was that redundant? They are more pricey though, the LED bulbs are still in the omg range.

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I want to heal

 A session…

I keep extensive notes, I think that should be obvious. I also have a somewhat Eidetic memory which helps fill in gaps. The following has been edited as I do not wish for any personal information to be released. This conversation has occurred many times in some form or another. This following one was recent.

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cash prizes, awards and merry making

I received this from wordpress today
Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 3 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
Along with a gold watch, diamond ring, cash award, wine shaped glass icon, trophy, long thank you email, Trip on the company jet to a vacation spot of my choiceA share in the advertising revenue that my blog of almost 60 thousand visits generated

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