Head Bangers

Migraines.. or as I refer to them.. head bangers.

For those that have never had one, they just can’t imagine what they are like, nope. not a chance, sorry. 

what? you get bad headaches so  you know…  omg, you so don’t know.

What causes them? gawds, the list is endless, meds, stress, food allergies, weather ….  and they are hereditary. 

What are they like? Well there are many types, and many depths of symptoms and pain, so there is no easy answer to that.

Pain?  oh yes.

They can reside on one side of the head, but not always. Throb or just a constant intense pain that drives you to becoming a  puddle of jelly. ever want to cut your head open to let it out?

cure.. oh sure. that would be nice.

There are meds for them, some work, some of the time, not always. I have found over the counter migraine advil taken at the very first sign is the best, but if you take it too late, forget it. It doesn’t always work either. not working today.

and try taking it three or four days in a row… then you know what? you get rebound head bangers because you tried to dull the pain from the first ones… wrings my hands in helplessness. 

oh and there is the aura.  pre-signs you will be getting one. Zigzag lines. Flashing lights, Visual hallucinations, Temporary blind spots.Eye pain and more, of course not everyone will get these and those that do may not always. You see migraines like to play games, they sneak up and attack in a different way to most annoy you. And then for some…. try to talk, to form words… it is like you are having a stroke.

of course you get other symptoms to tag along with them. Chills, vomiting, numbness, lack of concentration, sensitivity to light and noise, (that is bad). 

it’s cold in here and way to bright.

Sleep.. that is the cure, let me curl up in a corner with a blanket and leave me alone. 

but try to sleep when you have one through the night………. 

They range in intensity as well, from low level to HELP ME PLEASE.

and for some they also last for days, weeks, months, years…..  some days it is just a niggling, you can function, mostly because you are use to it, but it effects you, day in and day out you know, that constant pain.. and you know it will get worse one day.

Some are just bad day after day, tis hard to be cheerful when that occurs. 

Some make me cry. 


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. *hugs ya tight* Oh girl, I can feel your pain. Been there many of times, and my garage has become my best friend.. *LOL*

  2. cgfarmerhayloft

    I have only had a few headaches like that and I certainly do not welcome any MORE. I could not even open my eyes.. a simple twitch would double me over in pain.

    *HUGS* I don’t wish these on anyone – I know Farmer suffers horribly from headaches and lives on pain killers. Or maybe he lives on them so he can tolerate chatting to me? LOL j/k

    Take care and thanks for sharing!:)


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