Daylight savings

woo hoo, this weekend we spring ahead one hour.

So now all the little things that happen when we do this. At 2 am Saturday night we need to get up and put our clocks ahead to 3am, then we can go back to bed. Don’t forget to advance your dvd player clock, (you know that little one that is still blinking 12) the clock in the kitchen, the one on the microwave, the fan in the corner with a remote, the tiny one hidden on a shelf, the one in your room that wakes you up, all the automatic timers that you have through out the house… gawds.. and you will forget some too, but don’t worry, if you miss some, just leave them, soon enough it will be time to set them back…. then you look at your phone and know it will set when someone phones.. why hasn’t someone phoned yet.. it is 2:05 already, you are behind and want to go back to bed…..

so one hour, what difference does it make? oh sure it messes up your sleep, you miss an hour. Believe it or not that hour will be felt for days.

After a time change there are more heart attacks and industrial accidents for up to three weeks after the change.

That loss of one  hour of sleep is often felt for days by most people. Let alone what it does to confused pets that, wonder why you are getting up early, or not feeding them on time. They give you that look.. you know the one, it is the same look you get when you throw a stick for them to fetch, but don’t let go of it.


Now, there is a solution to the effects you will feel with the time change, oh you can go to bed an hour earlier, but you know you will just lie there all messed up, worrying about sleeping through your alarm and not getting up at two to set the clocks ahead, or missing one, or waking up in the morning knowing you messed up, so what time is it really now….

Or you can just go party all night. nods wisely.



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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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