*giggles* yup I make my own soup too.  gawds to open a can of soup.. *makes a sour face* why would you do that?

Oh come on, soup is easy, I can make a soup just as fast as you open a tin and heat it. nope, I can, I have proven that often. *nods* and you know what, my soup is better! and I am modest. *pats myself on the back*

ok, so what is soup.. well it is hot water.. or cream.. *grins cause I love chowders and cream soups*..  (oh just run around the block more often and you can eat them too) and other stuff chopped up small. 

here, this is easy.. take a bit of water.. No I never measure or follow a recipe so don’t ask how much.. *points to the pot* that much, take a bunch of asparagus, it seems to be in season.. is that spring thing. (actually I take two pots of water, I cut off the bottoms .. you know the woody part and boil them in one pot, after a while I puree them and boil them more, then strain it off and keep the broth.. Put it in the other pot where your soup is.. )

take the asparagus and cut off a good part of the tips… put them aside for later, they don’t take as long to cook. 

chop the asparagus (the big parts) up small and put it in the pot. boil until very tender, a low heat with a lid is better. ( I usually add some white wine as well.. *this much*)

get a stick blender, they work so well, when it is very tender, puree it up nice and smooth. Then chop up the tops and add them, add a bit of butter too.. nods butter is my secret ingredient for soup…put in a few table spoons…  Hey *smacks your hand* I said butter, *puts the margarine away* gawds, pay attention. Then add some soup stock, veggie or chicken, no salt, use the powder soup stock as salt, then you get the flavour.  Pepper, nods that is good too, but not too much. 

you can now add some milk, how much? it depends on how much water you have and how much asparagus you have, add a bit and taste it. simmer it a bit. 

do you know how to make a rue?

oh oh….

ok, to cheat, put three table spoons of flour in a cup or bowl.. add some milk, shiesh.. maybe a cup.. you do insist on asking how much a lot don’t you? Now stir it as much as you can to mix them together, then pour it through a strainer into the soup so there will be no flour lumps. (if you see lumps in the strainer.. you didnt stir it very well.. *shakes my head*.. if there is a lot still in the strainer you may have to do that again) Heat it until it boils (not on high, you cook water on high, nothing else). Then take it off the heat. stir it the whole time slowly and a bit after it comes off the heat.

taste it, if it needs more salt add some soup stock.. now add some cream.. yup real cream… NOOOOO not the spray whipping cream.. omg.. *snatches the tin and gets real cream* if you are serving it right away, pour a bit of cream in the center of each bowl and take a knife and chop  through it in a fancy way, it will swirl and look pretty. 

how much to add? shrugs, I don’t know, I just do it, and taste it, if it needs more I put more in, but if you add too much you can’t take it out.

Asparagus is a gentle flavour, so don’t add onions and a lot of spices, or you will muddle it. Now you can add a bit of lemon, parsley, thyme, sage and other things, but first try it simple. 



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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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