Stress. is the knot in your tummy, the tension in your head, the shadow that hovers over you, it torments, annoys, robs you of sleep, causes rashes, headaches and more… 

It should be avoided whenever possible. Oh, so easy to say. But not so easy to avoid. Money, obligations, relationships.. there are so many potential causes for stress, and some will arrive quickly and without any warning.

Everyone deals differently  with it, some do well, some don’t and need help. Exercise to release tension helps, friends and being with them. Confiding in someone what is bothering you. Dealing with the issue causing you tension. The rush you feel when that accomplishment is made and the stress floats away, but you can’t always solve it easily.

Seeing the signs of stress building and dealing with it quickly can help, sometimes it is like a little pop off valve being released, like letting the steam out of a boiler or pot so it doesn’t explode. Never let it fester.

This is the time of year exams rear their ugly head once again, students bury their noses in notes, computers and books with the hopes everything is covered, their minds are filled with all that they should be.. that the year is not wasted… stress builds quickly. so quickly.

What to do?

Well, living with three other students, I of course see this quite clearly, the stress building, rearing its ugly head. Yes I have three roommates, and they are wonderful, we have become a tight family that have bonded in a way we never thought possible. We share without thought, do so many things together, care and watch over each other with intensity. They are special to me, and I know I am special to them. If I cough funny they are all over me, if one of them cries I am there with hugs and support. If one falls.. the other three point and laff… lol. *shakes my head* 

Well tonight on the way home I knew we had some strawberries.. so I stopped and picked up a few spray cans of whipped cream.. 4 of them. 

After dinner I brought out the strawberries and with a grin I went to get the four cans of whipped cream. 

I am not going to say more, but it took an hour to clean up the mess… why so long?   we were laffing too much. 

Simple things can solve many issues, they make you look at things and go.. hey it isn’t so bad, I can deal with this. 

You may not be able to solve the issue that is causing you stress.. but you can release the pressure a bit, to keep from exploding.. exploding is bad.. *nods lots*



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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