wow, it is like a rant.

ok so now a post about something that I know little about. 

Sometimes things break. Sometimes they are fixed.. other times not fixed that well.. some things are harder to fix. hmm looks for an example… 

*grins lots*

oh, totally at random.. the Maple Leafs.. no not the pretty ones on trees, they are fine, Mother nature fixes them every year.

The other leafs.. the ones in Toronto. *grumbles a bit* I think they have been broken for a while. *tries to look cheerful* *fails*

You see the problem is easy, there is no attempt to fix this. *nods*, the proof is clear, oh, they say they are doing this and doing that, firing and hiring, and pointing fingers.. but they aren’t doing anything, not even practicing it seems… *grumbles more* *whispers* why aren’t they practicing?

I have the answer to that too. *nods lots*

is money.

oh no, don’t get out you wallet.. they don’t need money.

The problem is you. *points*

You keep cheering them on, going to games.. buying hot dogs and beer.. (gawds..  wonders how you do that)

Oh, the games are fun to go and see. It is exciting to cheer them on in person… (is getting harder to do though) and the hot dogs and beer do taste good there. But that is the problem you see. we keep going to the games… so there is no incentive to fix the problem. We flap our arms, jump up and down, eat more hot dogs and drink more beer….  but they still don’t try to win.. gawds.. even when it is 3-1 for them… and only seconds to go they manage to give it away… *grimaces*

I know how to do it. How to fix the team so they win.


Then they will gasp and suddenly they will fix the problem. Right now they don’t need to. You are the problem, you are supporting them. You see, you are the boss of the team. You are not letting them know you are not happy. The person with the wallet is the boss, watching the games on T.V or seeing them live….  you are not letting them know. Oh they hear us complain.. but they laff.. oh they have serious faces during the interview’s.. when trying to explain what happened.. or didn’t. but then they cash their pay cheque’s and laff again.

it really is that simple. 


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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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