Water Bottles filling landfill

yup, we know what they are. There is nothing as refreshing to quench your thirst as cold water. The frosty dew on the outside of the bottle, the clean cool water flowing into your parched mouth….

But alas the bottles are filling the landfills. Eeeeeps that can’t be good. So there is a big buzz to ban bottled water now. Yup that is it, no more bottled water. Take them all away.

We can use these, actually I like these because the water stays cooler longer. I fill them up from my water cooler. (I hate the taste and smell of chlorine in my water, sorry *makes a sour face*), but now there is concern at the material they are constructed from… gawds.

Water coolers are great, you refill the big jug and nothing fills the landfill. 

even shows you a picture

See everything is better, no more bottles in the landfill taking up space. Now for those that don’t do this it is ok, do gooders and governments are hard at it, taking that option away from everyone and banning bottled water from schools and public buildings… see isn’t it great? They take away those machines and bring in coke and pepsi machines instead. There no more bottled water. The landfills are safe…..

ok so now you are probably realizing this is a rant.

I find it a bit annoying and silly. Well not a bit annoying, it is becoming quite irksome. 

RECYCLE THE DANG bottles already. Why are pop-cans not a big problem, and if they are, why are they not being banned? OMG are you all dense? How hard is it to provide those cute little blue boxes to toss the empties in?

What? People don’t do it? hmmm, so what do they do with the tins? *shakes my head*

I would continue, but I am sure my point is made. *thinks some people approach problems from the wrong direction*

grumbles and takes a sip of water…

oh, I am tossing in this link for you to look at. Here is a list of good places to chat on line. *nods* about bottled water.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. cgfarmerhayloft

    We have to pay a deposit on our bottles and cans here in Alberta. So it is incentive to return them to the bottle depot so you get money back for each one. We also have the Blue Recycle box for our newspapers, etc.

    I personally have a water bottle from Costco and refill it manyyyyy times a day from the cooler or water reservoir on our fridge.

    Great Blog and I agree with your rant! 🙂

    Country Gal


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