groans. They are ruining television. Oh I know that is how it is paid for.. but wonders why we have cable bills and satellite bills to watch commercials…. I mean really.

Now they are getting a bit silly, there is almost as much advertising as show content. So much so that by the time the show comes back on you need a review.. and in a couple of minutes the commercials return.

A word to the tv stations.. using a pvr you record the shows and skip the commercials.. this is going to be the way everyone watches tv shortly.. then your advertisers will figure this out and stop paying for advertising with you.. greed is going to be your downfall.

oh I know that will mean we can’t watch tv shows anymore.. but honestly I am not sure I really care. The amount of advertising in a half hour segment is becoming so large that my interest in the show is not as great as my aversion to your commercials.  Suggest you ponder that a bit. There are many shows we have just given up watching as the advertising content is too great.

Now.. who makes the commercials that annoy me so much? and why are so many of them over played? running the same commercial twice in one advertising segment.. gawds.. really? you don’t think that won’t annoy everyone to the point they say.. I WILL NEVER BUY THAT PRODUCT!

Another tip, commercials with music.. they may be nice the first time, but soon you grow so tired of it, even if it is your favorite song.. that you scream when it comes on again and dash for the remote to mute the tv….  AND STOP TURNING THE VOLUME UP FOR COMMERCIALS!!!

kids and animals.. they are cute commercials, I like them. only make commercials with kids and animals please. And only show them once a day. Or I will not buy your product. *nods lots* am serious too. shows you my list of products I won’t buy because of stupid or over played commercials… turns to page two… three.. six hundred and forty six… gets the other list while you read that one.. is only the A’s



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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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