Student Strikes

I am calling them strikes because I don’t believe or condone riots.

I am not really in favour of strikes either, but in some cases, what other recourse is there?


In case you are not aware, the Quebec provincial government decided to raise tuition fees in universities… quite a bit.

This strike has been going on for a few months now and has actually caused the government to react. Are the reactions satisfactory? shrugs.. I don’t know, that isn’t what I am blogging about today.

When you ask someone, during an election, what is the biggest thing you would like to see changed. The problem most brought forward is the Doctor shortage. There are not enough Doctors to go around, so many have to deal with emergency walk in clinics when they have problems. This is hard as the wait is very long, 8 hours or more is normal, and the Doctor that finally sees you may not know what has gone on in your medical history.. this is not a good situation, your quality of care is not nearly as good…

When you need to see a specialist,  you need to wait 8 hours or more to see a Doctor who will then give you a referral… and then wait perhaps months. For what ever specialized care you require, physical or mental. And that is long to wait while a problem festers.


but that is not what I am blogging about today either.. well not entirely.


Many are grumbling at the student protests. *nods* some have been more violent, I am sure their frustrations are building, but violent acts certainly will not help their cause at all.

I have read comments in papers indicating people have no sympathy, some comments are “tough pay for what you get”

*nods again* yes, you need to pay your way.


are these the same people that are also first in the line complaining they don’t have a Doctor?


Do they have the slightest idea how long it takes to become one?

the costs involved?


oh sure Doctors make lots of money, they can afford it….


hmmm, but students are not Doctors. They are not making lots of money. They are investing a large part of their life learning how to become one, spending large amounts of money to do so. and many will not make it.

*nods again* I have seen many give up after so many years… when I talk to them to see why I am losing a fellow student.. it is almost always the same answer.. “amber I just can’t afford it anymore”

it is sad, because some of these people would make just the best Doctors. They are bright, dedicated, and compassionate.

But, alas so many will not make it.


and what about all the others, that could make such great Doctors… that don’t even try as they know they can not afford it?


I am not saying it should be free, that there should be no costs involved… hmmmm or am I?


If a person is willing to dedicate so much of their time to become a Doctor and there is a shortage.. hmmmm.  It makes me ponder you know.


Think of it as planting seeds. A farmer doesn’t expect to be able to harvest a crop staring at an empty field waiting for the money to come in… they get out and plant seeds first.. and then help them along, nurture, water, prune and protect… (oh I know Farmer, there is a lot more involved, lots of hard work, I am just simplifying it)

oh there are grants, lots of them available for students. And if you work very very hard you can get many more. And you should work very very hard. Not just to get the grants, but to increase your knowledge, this is why you are in University after all.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not looking for a handout. I am almost finished my education. And I have worked very very hard and am very proud at what I have accomplished.


But..  think about it.. a shortage of Doctors.. so lets raise tuition, that is it.. nods.. lets make it even harder for them.. then we can see in ten years how it has worked out..  Because when you find out things went sour and there are much fewer available, you can’t just photocopy Doctors and fill in the empty holes. It takes a while to grow a new crop.












About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. cgfarmerhayloft

    It is like the Hamster wheel isn’t it? It goes round and round but you get nowhere? It is frustrating for sure! I finally have a new Dr. I have not had one for years now and was hard to find one who is taking more patients.

    I think they need to make education affordable for ALL. There are lots of ppl who are not born into “wealth” and they drown in student loans and find it such a burden 😦 We don’t need them to start off with financial burdens, being a student is stressful enough. Alot of people wait until later on in life as well, and have young families to look after.

    I am very proud of your motivation and determination to get a higher education you will do well amber! *hugs* good on yah!

    Country Gal

  2. thank-you CG. *hugs*

    I hope your new Doctor is at least half as nice as you. It is so important to have a regular Doctor to see and care for you.


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