the perfect mothers day


watching out the window.. waiting for her arrival… then seeing her car pull up… the door open…

a puppy dog on a leash prancing out of the car with such energy and anticipation 

the excitement building as they approach the door..

the greetings, hugs, smiles and laughs…

emotions barely in check as each roommate hugs.. then it is your turn and you feel the squeeze……

all is right with the world again as you feel a mothers love, cause there is nothing like it.

then the catching up, the four conversations that immediately start.. all at the same time.. all different topics…

seeing all the smiles as each waits for a reply, the puppy bouncing and running circles.. happy  barks, demanding attention.

and then another car arriving.. another  excited greeting, more hugs and more love so evident and freely given.

even more conversations starting, the puppies excitement showing in her leaps for attention, wanting the hugs that everyone else is sharing…

more smiles and it happens again.. and again.. two more cars arriving and so many more hugs, the puppy finally in my arms and covered in puppy kisses..

FOUR MOMS, WOW… what can be better!

A sunny day filled with love and laughter


What is mothers day? flowers and gifts? cards and phone calls?  *shakes my head*  oh they are nice and Moms do love them… 

but I know the secret…

it is so simple you see

it is just four letters

it is..


any way you offer it, it is always received so happily.


so through the day…

sharing a smile

hugging so many times

watching her sneak a look at you and the smile on her face when she does, feeling so much affection each time that she does.

seeing your roommates smiling so much, and catching their Moms glancing at them with pride… love.. too.

*nods happily*

fun snacks, great meals and even wine too. 

but it was the Moms that made it so special as they usually do

*sighs* it is over now, just another memory in my head… but each time I peek in my mind..  my smile reappears.

and then looking at my roommates and suddenly seeing them grin.. knowing they peeked too and were visited again.

I use to ask.. when is daughters day…

thinks I know now.. 

it is when I am with my mom.





About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

2 responses »

  1. cgfarmerhayloft

    Awe so true and very touching! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Country Gal

  2. That is just a wonderful, touching post amber! Wowsers! I can so see you all, and the puppy dashing abouts too. *s* Thank you!



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