Interestingly enough the word  is the same in French or English.

nods.. is a rant

I am looking at the student tuition fee increases in Quebec again. The protests are becoming violent. Today will be the largest protest, someone is going to get hurt. I wish they could work things out, violence is not going to solve anything and people will not respect them. 

The Quebec government needs money so it is raising the tuition fees. Well that is understandable, costs go up. 

Students are protesting the increases, I sympathize with that, education is sooo expensive, and the tuition fees are just the tip of the expenses. 

hmm, there are sweeping arrests being made in Quebec right now.  Government officials are being arrested.

here is one of many examples:

Nine men were arrested in Thursday’s sweep and charged with fraud and conspiracy. Mr. Catania and the former civic officials also face charges of abuse of trust. Police allege the men, led by Mr. Zampino, rigged a deal on a $300-million condo development in the east end of Montreal.

Investigators say the city officials fed information to Mr. Catania’s firm, Construction Frank Catania, that helped it craft a winning bid for a large swath of city-owned land at a low price in 2007. In return, the city officials allegedly received about a million dollars in cash and gifts, including money intended for Mr. Tremblay’s party, Union Montreal.

and the elected wonder why people have no respect for them, or a dislike to pay taxes, fees… tuition fees. Not only is the money often not spent wisely, but it seems it just goes into their already large pockets….  stolen, granted as “expenses in a lavish way” or outrages wages for someone that is quite frankly and so obviously not doing their job. Or appointing someone to do a job that has a  ridiculous salary attached to it.. and doesn’t preform and is dismissed with massive payments……. groans

it makes me sick

perhaps if we had honest politicians, fees would not need to increase.

If money was spent more wisely, taxes would not have go go up each and every year.

Is it too much to ask for? Ethical accountable management? Without the word “entitlement” being waved?

thinks I will stop here, I am sure this has been said over and over and is not new. 

but it makes me sick



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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. It seems that the order of the day is crony capitalism just about everywhere! It’s who you know and what kind of special deal you can get. *groans* I wish the tuition costs weren’t going up for students – but perhaps the universities could also help out by becoming much more efficient and not raising fees much faster than the rate of inflation year in and year out.

    Thank you for your post amber!



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