nods.. the liquid that falls from the sky. lol.. 

I like the rain, watching it fall. The air smells so wonderful, it’s natures way of cleansing… everything is fresh. The sound it makes, relaxes you so much, sleeping with a gentle rain falling is just the best…

Everything needs it. Oh there are times it is not welcome.. and times there is too much of it. *points to the flooded subways in Toronto today*

And there are times there just isn’t enough of it. When the gardeners watch their plants flop over and can almost hear them gasping, and the farmers wring their hands together and watch the fields crack and wrinkle… 

Then there are those days, you listen to hit bouncing off the roof, watch the steady stream blur your window as it makes the leaves and grass glisten.. the days you stay in and cuddle with loved ones, perhaps sipping on a glass of wine all cozy and happy.

And there are the days where you spend so much money getting your hair done.. and in the short trip to the car.. it is a mess.. *grumbles* (giggles too)

Some rainy days bring in low pressure fronts, am not a weather guesser, perhaps it is all the time? and those often also bring in head bangers… *nods* like today. don’t like head bangers.

Some rainy days we get a prize. The sparkly misty rainbow that colours the sky, like magic.. like art. Sometimes you see it so clear, both ends too… *wonders which end has the pot of gold* … sometimes it is faint, but you know it is there, natures gift to everyone, if they take the time to peek up. 

And some rain days are bewildering, a bright sunny day, not a cloud in sight.. and presto rain is tumbling all over you… psssst… those days are usually aimee with a water sprayer.. lol  *nods lots* she is troubles. 

but something always makes me ponder. It really does.. 

those rainy days follow a trend you see, more often than not.

I have noticed, with careful analysis… those rainy days…

 why are they usually Friday’s and Saturday’s? and sometimes Sunday too?



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. me? omg i am so going to smack you. lol.. as soon as your headache is gone… grrrr.

  2. Katie (transplanted)

    *S* … I too like the rain. It reminds me of home *s*


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