911 call fast

This morning I was called to administer first aid to a senior that was not feeling well. 

When I got there, she was sitting and quite dizzy. She was clammy.

She of course did not want to go to the hospital, she said she just wanted to sit for a bit…

I got her talking.. and yes her speech was slurred, her hands were freezing and she was very dizzy. I couldn’t feel her pulse in her arms which I expected when I felt her hands, so i knew it must be very weak. I whispered 911 to a coworker and nodded quickly, off she went.

But wanted it to be her decision, to help keep her calm. I can be very  persuasive.  Speaking softly and calmly to her, I made her realize it would be the best thing to do, to go to the hospital. She agreed. 

you don’t have much time, the faster you get treatment the best.

She wanted to use the washroom.. nope, mean amber asked her to wait.. it won’t be long before they are here…. but I really have to go…  holding her hand, quietly asking her if she can hold on…. She said yes. good, lets just sit quietly and talk while we wait.

seconds later she asked again..  once again I convinced her to wait, she was reluctant and fading fast, but agreed to wait. 

Now if this happens to someone and you are helping, you don’t leave them sit quietly.. keep talking to them please.. it comforts them, hold on to their hands, or keep your hand on their forehead.  A hand on a forehead is a very comforting thing. Ask them if they have any belongings with them, gather them up so they won’t worry about that.. and no not you, ask someone else to do it, you are busy. Perhaps they have a car.. it should be locked. Anyone you can call for them?

And talk to them, keep them talking, even if they are slurring. Ask them questions too… have you had any heart problems, are you on any meds, did you take them today, do you have them with you. Are you a diabetic… 

Ask these questions now, so you can tell the paramedics when they arrive, they will want to know this, and your patient… yes yours.. may not be able to tell them when they arrive, and it will speed things up.

STAY CALM..  you can freak out later.

Then the paramedics came in. She asked again if she could go to the washroom, the paramedic said lets wait until we hook you up and take a look…. 

In seconds she was on the nice rolling bed and hooked up to the machines. She had almost no pulse, it was so weak. He told her if she had gone, she would bear down, as we do when we go… and with her low  blood pressure, she would promptly faint and fall off.

sometimes you have to be mean. no moving around.

sometimes you have to insist if someone doesn’t want to go to the hospital that they will go. be a nice mean.. just friendly.. but call even if they say no.. you won’t get in trouble.

and don’t take them yourself. Call 911.. have the ambulance take them, no matter how fast you  can go.. things happen quickly, they are prepared for this.

*crosses my fingers she will be okies* and shhhh, am * freaking out now*




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. *hugs ya tight* I know that feeling all so well.. although i freaked out big time… Not until the EMTs showed up was I able to stop hyperventilating.

    I would totally suck in the medical field. *nods*

  2. *Hugs amber with pride* You were amazing! so calm and professional. I think you saved her life ber.

  3. Katie (transplanted)

    You sound a natural at comforting people … and know what to do. *wonders if you are in the medical field*

    I thought your advice on what to do in those situations were excellent. More often you hear the technical advice … the cpr advice, etc. In those instances I know I am unsure of myself and all thoughts of the right medical thing to do leaves my wee brain. But the comforting things…the things to ask to tell the EMTs…to keep them talking …hand on their forehead…that was all good advice for some like me who would not remember the techie medical parts..at least those things you mentioned I could do.

    Was a grand thing you did…and I hope that woman is ok too.

    • *grins and nods* If you have to administer aid, all you can do is your best, but if the professionals will be there soon offering comfort is best. They came so fast. It is different if they lose conciseness. Then you need to do more, if you can. Always call first or help will never arrive, well have someone else call if you can. But call, let someone else decide they are ok.

  4. oh ambers, that is three! hope she is going to be ok too! tu est fantastique, je suis egalement tres fier!!!

  5. awwwwww amber!!!….congratulations!!!!….am so very, very proud of you….*huggles*…..tu est fantastique!!!

  6. cgfarmerhayloft

    Good for you amber! In my line of work I have to respond and keep my cool then I shake later once I think of what just happened lol

    It is never easy to be the one in “charge” of a situation and I am sure that lady and her family will be very thankful to you for all your comfort and caring you showed 🙂 We came across a horrible accident last fall and it was very traumatic for me. But then I received a “message” from a complete stranger in my Facebook account, it turned out it was the man’s nephew – thanking us for stopping that night to save his Uncles life!: I was very touched and makes me thankful that we were able to be in the right place at the right time to save his life!

    Kudos to you!

    Country Gal

    • awww *hugs* I found your comments in the spam folder, not sure why they were there. It makes you feel special though, saving a life. this is my third.. i hope there will be many more.

      • cgfarmerhayloft

        Probably cause I used my iPhone.. different IP addy? LOL I dunno..thanks hon *hugs*

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