Glasses.. no not for peeking

Hugs aimee for helping with this one.

Wine glasses. There are different ones. Oh most know there is one for red and one for white… but nope. It is more confusing than that. 


yup, wine is very confusing.. oh wait, that is after you drink it… 

lol, but it is confusing before hand too, there are ways to enhance your pleasure.

Different glasses are different for a reason. Different shapes, sizes and openings do things, they allow more of the aroma to waft into your nose, they also place the wine on different parts of your tongue. 


Well your tongue experiences different sensations, or tastes in different spots.

so placing wines first, on different parts of the tongue will change the way you perceive a wine. Easy right? The shape of the glass and opening will direct the flow of wine to different parts of your tongue. 

The size of the bowl will change the intensity of the aroma, a larger bowl will give you much more than a small one as there is more surface area. 

Some shapes will emphasize the fruitiness of a wine. *nods* grapes are fruit. Some the tannin in the wine. (pssst, that is the pucker.) There is more tannin in red wines, because they are made with the skins, that is where most of the tannin is in grapes. Tannin also comes from oak, if the wine is aged in wooden barrels. 

look a handy picture to show you which glasses to use  for the red wines.

and for the white wines:

see how the shapes and sizes of the bowls are different? *points*

aimee said I have to do the other wines too, so shows you one more picture:

Glasses that have wider openings allow your nose to slip into the glass, so you can take a deep breath and enjoy the complex aromas. Big bowls allow the air to mix with the wine, this is important to allow the flavour out.

Oh and I am told you don’t fill the glass to the top..  drat… only about 1/3, so you can swirl the wine and let it mix with air. (it is ok to have a second glass, you don’t have to fill it to the rim.. )

White wines have smaller openings, this is to keep them cool longer. They also have less aromas, so a smaller opening will help contain them.

Oh and aimee says it isn’t being snobby to have specific glasses for different wines. You are just pampering yourself by getting the maxim enjoyment from this simple pleasure.  

And if you drink and drive I will smack you. *makes a stern face* I am serious too.


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