the spreading canopy

Have you ever looked at a tree?

no I mean really looked at a tree. Lay down beneath it and stare up. Watch the leaves gently move in the breeze, the sun making them glow and shine. The depth they have from bottom to top.

The bark full of character, lines deeply etched in the trunk, long, curly, sometimes patterned. Each leave the same shape, how does  the tree do that? Sizes vary, but not much, each leaf is almost a mirror of its neighbour, dancing in the wind, twirling and fluttering but holding on.

The things the tree has seen, standing there so long. Your parents when they were small, climbing the limbs… laughing and running around its trunk, hiding and peeking as they play below.

Your grandparents too, as they walked on by. Perhaps  it watched them as they lay beneath so long ago, and looked up peering at the leaves.. wondering the same things, asking the same questions… and on it goes, standing so tall. Time marching on but nothing really changing. It rains, it is sunny, the wind blows.. it gets dark at night, the endless circle.

Does it look down and see the girl lying beneath it, smiling and watching? The things it knows, but never shares. Do you wonder what its first speech would be? Would it tell you not to worry, not to fret, how to solve this or that?

no.. not likely. *smiles at you*

but sometimes you need times like these, to peer up and just watch quietly. let your stress slip away. your worry slumber or your fear subside. 

 This is called you time.. *nods* you all need some of it. How ever you relax, find a brief pause, or moment to just do nothing. Everything will be there when you get back, but it is important you know. you time

Sometimes when you blink and stand up.. smile at the tree and go back to what ever… leaving your you time behind for a bit.. things may have sorted themselves out just a bit.


you don’t have to search hard and wide, looking for what is your you time you know, almost anything will do. Nature is good at supplying that… watching a brook or stream bubble by, the waves on a lake glisten and sparkle, the clouds float by so high and pretty… the bird sitting on a wire or post.. the ant crawling through its jungle.. there are so many things you can see…

but take a bit of it as often as you can, a brief pause, an escape or such. 

Sanity is a wonderful thing.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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