writers block? lol, nope

sometimes you wonder what you will ramble on about. for a blog.

They you read the news… and see how our wise leaders are doing things.. and when the giggles turn to laughs.. you find some topics.

so today I am looking at the Toronto city council banning the plastic shopping bags.

Oh I am sure they are messing up the dumps.. just the same as the plastic water bottles do *nods*.. but how do the plastic water bottles and plastic bags get in the dumps?

So I want a ban now on all canned foods, tinned soft drinks and bottled juices, yup, everything.



So now we will buy plastic bags for our trash containers. And the people that are walking their dogs will buy plastic bags for the.. well you know. 

Oh the bridges are crumbling, traffic is a mess, the problems in any city are endless. but in its wisdom, council is banning plastic shopping bags.. hmm and the Mayor has said they don’t have the legal right to do this, that it wouldn’t hold up in court.. so I guess more money will be spent soon on legal battles…  oh that is ok, there is lots of money lying around.  oh wait, isn’t Toronto almost bankrupt? hmmm, must be a different city. *nods*

 so we are going back to paper bags?

not everyone carries reusable bags with them when they suddenly decide they need some groceries. So unless we are going to become jugglers…  we need something to put our groceries in. hmmm, and clothes.. and shoes.. nods shoes.

so we will cut down forests again. Oh that will be good for things. Paper production is not polluting. 

and there is no sense looking at the plastic bags that decompose faster. nope, just ban them.

*Shakes my head*

they only fill up the dumps when people don’t recycle, so lets just ban garbage. woo hoo problem solved.

*looks for that dumb as a stump check box again.*


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. oh ambers you are bad. lol. we can use boxes… of course they would need to be made of plastic and shaped like bags. but we will call them boxes.

    I am glad the city council worries about our plastic shopping bags as the bridges crumble and fall on the cars below. It is very wise.

  2. Hey amber, quite a few years back this sounded like me complaining that it would be too hard, and we would never remember to take our bags shopping. I can put it back to around 2000 when shops would be trying to get you to take boxes or carry groceries loosely to your car. I had the three kids with me and was trying to hold ones hand with the eldest holding the other one and keep them close to me as well as grab a few essentials from the shops…I had the checkout operator trying to make me take a box ..wrong day to harass me on the environment I of course went off on her…Got my bag and left as long as we were still allowed to have plastic bags this same woman learnt not to ask me if i would like a box again.. However we do not have plastic bags here any more oh you can buy them for 15c each if you get there and for one of the many reasons you might not have brought your shopping bags need one or two or ten. But otherwise we use a carry bag we fold them all up and put them inside just one the operator will ask do you have your bags and then she will take them and pack your groceries just the same…There are many kinds of reusable bags available and different ways to carry them ..i personally try to unpack then put my bags immediately back in my car. others use ones that fold up tiny and push inside a small pouch you can have up to five bags this way small and easy to manage if you go to the shops… But I am also often guilty of saying no i will have plastic bags hey its a whole $1.50 for ten right…and to buy a reel of 20 kitchen tidy plastic bags will cost me around $5 off the shelf so this way i still get my plastic bags for general rubbish..I hate this but its the law here no plastic bags , you can also buy a bag for cold items or buy more general grocery bags for around $1…you can wash them if needed. Checkout operators do have the right to use a dirty one….I have a keyring holder with a tiny pouch(which i use to keep a small amount of money and a few credit cards drivers licence etc) reminding you to put your bags in the car before you go shopping it does work every time you pick up your keys your’e reminded of why you have it there… Here is an article on South Australia and when the law change was finally enforced ..You can see the style of bag generally brought for shopping now… LOL dont worry you will get used to it I thought it would never work here but it does… http://www.zerowaste.sa.gov.au/plastic-bags

    • woo hoo, hey pinky. gives you a gold star for my longest comment. *hugs*

      I don’t have a problem with keeping the bags out of the dumps. nods lots. it is the hypocritical way they go about it. They banned the plastic water bottles in a lot of public buildings, but brought in coke and pepsi machines to take their places…. where do all the tins go? now if you say they are all recycled, then why are the plastic water bottles not? and water is much better.

      in Toronto it is being done for the wrong reasons, the council and mayor seem to not get along, the mayor decided to remove the 5 cent tax that was on the bags, that was put there to discourage their use, so council said ok, then lets ban them, they did that in a snap vote the other night with no thought. I like that they don’t go in the dumps. but it has been handled poorly.

      I am sure we have the ability to make a bag that lasts long enough for people to use it and then decompose quickly. We have had the re-use it bags for a while, but some people seldom clean them, so now there are signs in some stores asking you to pack them yourself as the clerks don’t wish to put their hands in them. If cleaned those bags are great, they are larger and stronger.. and the handles don’t break when you unload your car. lol.

  3. *L*..WooHooo I wrote a novel??.. Trust me i know exactly what you’re saying it is all about one upping someone else …they all do this ‘save the environment shit’ for their own gain..My biggest arguement was most do recycle the plastic bags in one way or another…so they take them away from packing our groceries…Instead you now walk up the kitchen aisle and there is 1000 dfferent brands and reasons for plastic bags…garbage bags , lunch bags , freezer bags, storage bags…different shapes and sizes …different ways to seal them….Like I said I use the shopping bags as rubbish bags or carry bags and I get frowned at on those weeks i choose to pay the 15c each for a larger than before stronger plastic bag…but hey like i said $1.50 for 10 or $5 for a reel of maybe 20 flimsy ones…If they are truly thinking of the environment and plastic as you said there is a thousand other ways too…like McDonalds free toys to sell :happy meals’ …why aren’t they banned,,,even back then with 3 kids i know i filled a big chunk of our local dump with useless plastic toys that last 2 minutes….steps off the soap box its a topic that can go on forever right?


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