Watching a lake

one of my favorite things…

The early morning, water flat like a sheet of glass, sometimes a bit of a fog gently rests on it, the wisps rising slowly, magically.

When the lake is calm and the humidity is low, you see so far. The shore at the end seems so close, the trees reflected at the edge, the clouds appearing to be floating in the water, their images appearing so clear. It looks like a pond that you could paddle in minutes. Then as the day lengthens and the breeze comes up, the water roughens and the humidity rolls in. There are no more reflections and the lake looks so big.  You peek and peer but can’t see the end, only the  boats dashing about, and it looks huge… thinking days would be required to paddle the length.

Then on those windy days where it is hard to stand up, the waves look so angry, frothing and splashing, the caps white and curling. So many personalities the lake has, not so unlike us. I love it when it is calm with not a ripple in sight, you watch the fish swim slowly on their way and the ducks, geese and loons landing near by. Honking, quacking and that magical sound that is like no other, the loon call, haunting, musical.. conversation stops and everyone listens. Then you catch sight of one as it swims closer, pointing to the others.. there it is.. and then it is gone, flying under water, everyone watching to see where it will come up. No one guessing right, so far they go and so fast.

Later in the day the sun catching the waves, the little diamonds form sparkling so bright..  reflecting into the tree canopy, making it so pretty, the leaves shimmering  in lights, above. The shadows so  long, things quieting down again,  calmness restored the lake seeming to shrink in size once again. *nods* it is magical.

Then the sun sets, the clouds turn pink and purple, the gathered firewood is lit, chairs are circled by the shore everyone content with the day. Cuddling and watching the flames flicker, quiet, lost in thought. Then stories and songs and marshmallows and s’mores.. wieners and even popcorn seem to appear… and the lake slumbers, rippling quietly reflecting the stars and even the moon when it is awake.

*pssssst…. summer is back*

woo hoo

so if you see me this week. and I seem in a daze, it is because I am seeing it all again, looking in my head, and waiting for the next weekend to refresh the memories, of watching a lake.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. For me it is sitting by the shore and watching you, the wonderment, the smiles your eyes dancing as you take it all in. Seeing nature recharging you. I can still hear the loons answering each other. Now I am counting the days until the weekend… lol

    But it is magical isn’t it.

    And it is fantastic to be back.


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