Eating Healthy

it is easy to do you know. to eat healthy. 

Actually easier than you think.

Oh you can cook pasta in a few minutes and have a lovely soup or stew in seconds….

what happens when you can opener breaks?

and stop phoning for take out every day.. or every third day.. gawds.. holds up the box of salt you ate last week.

Get a crock pot. you can make things in it so easy, chop them up, toss them in, set it on low and go to work, when you get home anything can be cooked, you can even bake a cake in a crock pot (slow cooker).  (leave it on something that doesnt burn, just in case it heats up to much below it though please.

The internet is filled with slow cooker recipes, so I won’t bother to dwell on them. But a roast of beef cooked in a slow cooker will melt in your mouth, and you can make sandwiches with it too, and you don’t need to buy a choice cut of meat.

Soup or stew made in the crock will make you drool.. you won’t stop eating it, or a chilli.. or scalloped potatoes…. 

and you dont have to know how to cook.

Fish, no not in the crock. broil it.. it cooks so fast and there are so many kinds, each tastes so different.. so don’t tell me you don’t like fish. I have heard that before, so I cook it and they always ask for more. Just don’t overcook fish.. nods. it cooks fast. If you eat fish twice a week it will be great for you.  Oh stop making that silly face. 

Bread.. mmmm, it is so easy to make too. and when you make it yourself the house smells wonderful… and you get to control the ingredients.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to make you curl up your lip and go.. blech. lol.

I made a 12 grain bread for the first time this past weekend.. omg.. I made it for this weekend I was going to freeze it so we could eat it at the cottage.. but it seems to have vanished.. I only see crumbs now.. *pouts*  psssst, thinks it was stolen by a hungry mob… *nods lots* not sure who, but I am checking into it.. I will catch them.

Oh, and instead of drinking all that wine… try cooking with it. Red wine in a stew (no not the entire bottle) will really enhance the depth of flavour, and in a gravy or on a roast as you cook it.. mmmmm.

Use whites in things you don’t want to turn pink. Pink fish is ok if it is salmon.. but a white fish may look funny if you drizzle a shriaz over it and then broil…. It would taste good though.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

4 responses »

  1. giggles. but it wasnt me… ok… it was me.. well not all of it.

  2. Hungry Mob…. muahahaha…. It was the best bread ever Amber.

  3. OMG… Hungry Mob indeed. I am certain there were Four people in that mob. LOL. it was very good though ber. I wish you had recipes instead of just cooking/baking.. it will be hard to copy… Oh wait, I don’t need to cook.

    You can.

    borrows Jills evil laff… muahahaha

  4. It’s true that eating healthy is super easy, I couldn’t agree more.
    I actually find more people afraid of cooking than I would have expected, but it can be simple.
    I LOVE my crock pot, and microwave steamer bags… all things designed to make it easier, really. Great post.


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