Oh oh

Trouble is brewing.. nods.. it is another rant.

The Calgary Stampede, which is celebrating its centennial year, included French verses in its version of Our National anthem that was played during the first night of races last Friday. But after “overwhelming” feedback from spectators, who didn’t sing along, the Stampede ordered up an all-English version of O Canada in time for the next evening’s competition.


Our anthem is bi-lingual. Our Country is bi-lingual. 

It is something that makes it special. Something that makes Canada special. Something we should all be proud of.

*hangs my head in shame*

This is the sort of thing that separates a country, weakens it, divides it. 


*stares west and sticks out my tongue*



Je suis decu


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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. cgfarmerhayloft

    CALGARY — Calgary Stampede officials, who decided to drop the French-language verse of ‘O Canada’ before the evening show at the annual event, now plan to bring it back after the incident caused an Internet backlash.

    The festival was accused of “giving in to the redneck fringe” after the bilingual version of the anthem was nixed on Saturday because people in the stands on Thursday and Friday evening didn’t like how the song was arranged.

    The Stampede has played a bilingual version of “O Canada” for years, but it recorded a new arrangement for the rodeo’s centennial celebrations this year.

    “I called them. I was really surprised. There are 9,000 French speaking residents in Calgary,” said Michel Berdnikoff, president of the French Canadian Association of Calgary. “They are dedicating their efforts to fixing it.”

    Stampede official Kurt Kadatz said the crowds found the new version, which featured a choir singing along to a recording of themselves, hard to sing along to.

    “The anecdotal feedback we got was that people didn’t like the arrangement very much,” he said.

  2. cgfarmerhayloft

    Oops..wasn’t done LOL and I posted it… here is more:)
    Organizers scrambled to record a more traditional version on Saturday morning, he said, but found they only had time to record an English-only anthem, which is what they played.

    Kadatz said a more traditional bilingual arrangement of the anthem was being recorded and was expected to be ready to play to the crowd as early as Tuesday night.

    “We didn’t mean to offend anyone and we are sorry if we did,” he said. “The decision was not about French versus English. It was about a logistics problem on a weekend day.”
    Reactions on Twitter were mixed, with some Canadians worrying the nation caters too much to political correctness and others claiming the incident was simply bad form.

    Some Canadians expressed doubt anthems sung in Quebec would include English verses. But Berdnikoff said the inclusion of French is important in Alberta.

    “I’m really glad the media picked up on the importance of this,” he said. “I’m equally as glad to see the response [from the Stampede]. Things can happen … I can understand that things slip.”

    The incident gives Calgary an opportunity to tap into its French community, he said.

    Hope that helps.. and if I wasn’t so tired I would put a hot pepper on your tongue that you stuck out at us out West .. lol j/k.. *hugs* talk soon

    Country Gal

    • grins, They read my post, nods, that is it. The power of the keyboard. Je suis tres heureux maintenant.

      hope things are going as well as possible CG.

      • cgfarmerhayloft

        Thanks amber *hugs* Didn’t get the best news on my mom but we take things one day at a time and enjoy what time I can with her 🙂 More tests, more Dr.s and lots of prayers…


  3. awwww, *hugs tight* there are never words to fit, so just hugs you again. Nods, one day at a time, and positive hope.


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