Sometimes you just have to indulge.

Ok, I may be biased here.

Natures perfect food. *Looks at you in surprise*, it is so..

giggles.  but it is, *nods lots*

looks at the picture wistfully.

oh there are other perfect foods too, * rummages through my folder*


ok ok, nods they probably are not that good for you.. so here is one more, then you have a choice of three…

*licks my lips*

I have a very fast metabolism, and burn calories in high numbers through the day. I enjoy my “perfect foods” *smiles*.

ok ok, some things are not good for you, but life is about enjoyment, and in moderation you should indulge in your fantasies, your wild  desires. Whether food or activities.  Life is to be enjoyed whenever possible.  From a simple tasty treat, to a vacation, to talking with people in the comfort of your home.. while munching on licorice.

When dieting, cravings will overwhelm you, they fester and grow, until you can’t take it anymore and go on a binge. But if you give in early, taste a bit of the forbidden fruit, the candy, that piece of cake, in moderation.. you will appease the craving monster and your diet will not be at risk.

Oh I know you are too busy to look at a lake, or watch life go by sitting on a bench… so you don’t. but you aren’t really that busy you know. You have time to take a breath and some personal time, to do something you enjoy.  Even if you have to catch up a bit, it is important to take that time.

Oh no moaning, I can’t there just isn’t enough time…  nope, if you enjoy it, you should be doing it. Oh you don’t need to go to Bermuda to watch a lake, you can sit in a park for a half an hour, and just watch life go by. It is good for you. But don’t keep checking your watch to see when time is up. Let it go and relax.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I indulge on a daily basis.. just not on licorice.. I like the stuff that is ‘really’ good for you.. like chips, cakes, pies, M&Ms, reeses pieces..

    Ok, now I am hungry.. thanks a lot amber.. pfft..

    *hugs ya*

    • bol.. it is a good thing the scratch and sniff widget isn’t installed yet.

      chips.. omg.. nods.. they are good too. bad Chey, now I am going to have to go get some. lol.

      *hugs and giggles*

      • *laughing @ you* Or they haven’t invented the testing screen yet, like on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – the wallpaper..

        I think I would definitely be over weight then. *LMAO*

  2. Unless I am missing my clue here, I think we are stopping on the way home so someone can restock a licorice supply. 🙂


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