My Monday Morning

Getting up early and looking at the glassy lake… smiling so much in anticipation.  Breakfast quickly prepared, I don’t want an empty stomach for my mornings fun. blech.. an empty stomach is not a good thing at any time.. but not for today.

Then we can hear it, the roar…

Finally it is here.

The smile on my face can’t be hidden, it is stuck there. Quickly running down to the dock, my heart pounding, it has been so long…

Climbing in, listening to instructions, to the changes from last summer… all those belts.. clicking

Glancing through the windows, checking to see what is in the area, looking at the waves, watching the way the wind is blowing.. and how strong.. it is light so it won’t make much difference. Just a little chop on the water, that is good, I like just a bit of chop. grins more.

looking at the dock and as impossible as it seems, my smile grows more, waving excitedly. woo hoo.

nodding an ok.. feeling the gentle push off, we are moving away from the dock, everything is clear.. the engine starts. ohhh it is a loud roar, it sounds so great. so powerful.

We start to move, now I am really looking around, left, right, and way down the lake.. and up

Things happen so fast now, even with excitement I must look everywhere.

We  are clear of the island, the lake ahead is open… moving the throttle forward, the engine starting to roar, I can feel the ripples on the lake now, the chop, beating against the hull. The speed increases fast, the flaps are set we are really moving quickly now, eagerness pokes me, I grin and cheat a bit, a slight rock to the left and one float is free, back to the the right just a bit and the chop stops, now we are really zooming, This is the part I love, so low you have such a feeling of speed, we are free from the suction of the water now, the engine is pulling us so much faster, it is time to go up… pulling back on the stick I feel the g force pressing me to my seat a bit and up we go.

omg, I am flying again. Everything becomes smaller, I can almost see the end of the lake, time to trim out, a gentle turn and we are going back,  everyone standing on the dock waving. grinning more and rocking the wings a bit as we pass over, now in a gentle climb, the sky is so blue I can see the other lakes now. It is a fantastic day, the air so calm, oh there is a big cloud, there are so few of them today, zooming toward it.. knowing it will lift me higher if get below it, circling, enjoying the free lift, now high enough to zoom down, I love this… pushing the stick forward, we tilt and the speed increases, we are weightless for a brief moment, good thing all those belts clicked in place.

Another pass over the cottage, more waves, omg.. I am so happy. Time to go back.. 25 minutes passed already, wow, it seems like seconds… now to be careful.. taking off is easy…

lots of looking now, that tiny boat, where is it going, they zip in so fast sometimes. Slowly we lose altitude, again, my favorite part, skimming above the waves, even the fast boats we pass now, setting the flaps once more, so we have lift at slower speeds, lower and lower, then the floats start to chatter a bit as they kiss the water… omg it was so smooth.. 

Heading back to the dock, moving slowly timing our approach so we don’t smack anything, that is always bad with thin floats.. it looks good, the engine is silent and we drift in, a slight turn we are  lined up with the dock, our wing is grabbed and we stop, everything seems so quiet, so still…. pssst it was perfect. 

Then I look at all the eyes on the dock, my room mates standing there, each one with eyes saying so much… pleading,  how to pick… oh I know, it will be alphabetical, nods that is fair. 

I still have my silly grin, it was a fantastic day.

oh something interesting for you  to look at.



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. OMG….you know how to fly a plane?!?!!? (I could hear the anticipation in your words as you were reaching there *S*)

    As for the video…oh…likes the strawberry tongue lol. (By the way, I realized I do not know how to do a video…would you make the pictures to the video music? Or…make picutures…then add the music?)

  2. yes, lol… sometimes the music may inspire the video, or perhaps you have a group of images with a theme and then you have to look for music that will accompany them the way you want.

  3. Oh I thought alphabetical was a perfect choice. What a glorious day!


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