You.. you’re the one

Life is to be enjoyed.

We can’t always have a vacation or an around the world cruise.

we cant always go out with a supermodel we can’t always eat at 5 start dining establishments.

but we can seek things we enjoy. little things, big things. Things that make others wonder or shake their finger…

don’t eat that, it is fattening.

don’t go out with him/her they are black/white.

you spend a lot of time with her/him are you gay?

but you know what?  

it is too bad. Because life is to be enjoyed. If you want to eat that bowl of candy, eat it

if you like to exercise, then do it.

if you want to go out with that boy, but he is black and you are white. then do it.

if you want to have an encounter with the same sex. then do it.

and when someone looks funny at you… well 

tough, life is about You.

others will come around, or if they don’t, well then they are not worthy of being with you. 

Should you tell your family how you feel about something? something that you think will make them pop? hmmm, a hard one, but the answer is yes.

what if they don’t like it?

well then 

tough. don’t worry about how they will feel, oh that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t handle it tactfully. Think about how you would like to be told something, something that may upset, and go about it that way.

But don’t put that on the back burner, and avoid it and let it fester and torment you. Probably there isn’t much as much concern about what it is, that you don’t want to share, as you think, because often family is just concerned about you. like you should be.


lol, probably. 

but you know what?

aww she is sweet.

tough. because life is about you. Do what feels right.

life has enough restrictions, and some are necessary, and you know what they are. but some things that are restricted, are only restricted by you. Do what you feel comfortable with. 

Eat that candy

let your heart free and go out with the person you may love.

the most important thing…

Be You.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. *S* … I knew you liked tongue! LOL.

    Seriously though … I will try to listen to what you say. Though the family .. that one can be hard. (just getting divorced was a big issue with them … they did not speak to me for a while … i am the only one in my family that got one)

    But … the things you say….those are how things should be. I will work on them.

    *S* … are you sure you are not a 101 year old wise woman on the mountain top? *S*. Hugggsss


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