Opening Ceremonies

yup, more on the Olympics.. sorry I can’t help it.

Watching as the athletes walk in, their smiles so beautiful. I can feel their hearts pounding, their excitement, this is it, it has started (yes I am emphatic, but who wouldn’t be watching them). Their eyes sparkling, caught up in the cheers, the welcomes, marching in their team colours with pride. Whether a team of two or five hundred. It makes no difference.   

Oh don’t start tomorrow, checking to see how many golds you have, how many silvers.. how many in total.. because you don’t have any.. nods, they do. Are the medals won by that team of three less important or less wondrous that the mega teams of five hundred? do the totals matter? nope.

Now they have those precious smiles as they walk in, soon you will see the anguish on their faces as they push themselves so hard, past anything you could think about. Their faces will show that, *nods again*.. and some may miss a medal by a hundredth of a second. do you know how short that time is? Does it mean just one harder stroke while swimming, one extra strike.. taking a bigger breath. And then the hindsight, that will plague them forever.

They all need to say is; I WAS AN OLYMPIAN. Not ever one will win, but to say you competed.. *nods* It is special

That is so special, to say those four words. 

The opening was great. I loved it. The torch was beautiful, magnificent, spectacular. Way to go London! My eyes were wet.

And the little things, the person that drove the boat carrying the torch. They brought it to a stop so gracefully, so smoothly without hitting the dock. 

Oh and I want that bike that fly’s *nods and giggles*

The music, the dancing, the fireworks… 

I am going to watch it again. 




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