Eating. it is habit forming…

Ok I admit it, I have blogged about food quite a bit, I love too cook, and so by extension I must love to eat as well.

*nods* it is true.

It is a wonder I can get out of my chair then… with all I eat.. *nods again* I eat 5 meals a day quite often. And snack a lot between. OMG. She is a rolly polly ball… 

actually in the summers I lose weight, and before the summer hits.. I am not rolly polly.. lol

*covers my ears as I hear all the groans* and giggles too. But it is true.

I ran across this article yesterday, and some were surprised at this, but for me this is normal.

What Olympic athletes need to stay in peak condition

Honey poppy seed pasta salad (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

Honey poppy seed pasta salad (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)  mmnmm, looks yummy.
Dr. Marla Shapiro 
Published Tuesday, Jul. 31, 2012 9:11AM EDT 
I was watching the Canadian rowers at the Olympics and the cyclists this weekend. Endurance athletes who have to keep up their speed for a long period require fuel to do that. Like the rest of us, the same math equation rings true: Calories in and calories out is what controls our weight.
For most of us who battle the bulge, we find it challenging to get the 30 minutes 5 times a week that is basic for good health. These endurance athletes, however, can burn 15 or 20 calories a minute!
When these athletes are working out up to 5 hours a day, according to experts at the Mayo Clinic, they can burn 6,000 calories a day. Since 3,500 calories is equal to a pound, unless these calories are replaced, they will lose weight. This can be really difficult to achieve.
A patient of mine training for a triathalon lost 17 pounds over a relatively short period of time. He joked that there weren’t enough hours in the day to both train and eat!
Oh, I am not an Olympic Athlete *nods again* smiles a bit.
But  instruction can be do this.. or it can be follow me.…  I choose follow me. I burn a lot of calories. a lot. 
So I have to eat too.  
So I choose my food carefully, I don’t like a diet of entirely empty calories.. well I do a bit, but that is not the best. lol. 
So when I shop I like to read labels. Then I hear on the news how the labels on food are not truthful. 

Example, trans-fat is bad, we know this. We should have 0% in our diets. So the products, most of them, say 0%.. but it is not true, often they have trans-fat in the ingredients. Hydrogenated oils and shortening are trans fats. they are allowed to put some in, even though the label says 0%… *shakes my head*… how is that 0%????  If a product has less than 0.2 grams of trans fat per serving, they’re allowed to write “zero” on its Nutrition Facts label. So lets make the serving size very small…. then it can contain a lot more.. but it is still 0% *shakes my head in frustration*

Things like MSG has so many names, you often don’t know you are eating it.  this product…. the fourth ingredient is MSG.. gawds.. fourth! more msg than clam broth, or flavour….  eeps  
Serving Size… omg, they get tricky here.. the labels are based on serving size..  one teaspoon of ice cream is not a serving…..
high-fructose corn syrup used in a lot of products, as a cheap sugar is known to cause obesity and insulin resistance.
Artificial butter flavour.. nods, then you are eating healthy, avoiding butter… well it is made up of up to 100 chemicals including petroleum products.. this is in your microwave popcorn probably… *makes a sad face.*
I could go on and on it seems.
oh well.. We try. If only the labels were more truthful. 
Avoiding a lot of packaged foods helps. Oh I know, we can’t avoid them all. But some things are easy to make yourself, pasta, crackers.. omg, you can make crackers so easily and they taste so good…  nods, they are easy to make from scratch, pasta too. And imagine the fun, like when four girls are in the kitchen making pasta… do you know how far flour spreads? It is therapeutic though, making a mess sometimes.  
bread, bagels, muffins, buns… they are so easy it is surprising. 
this article may contain tree nuts…

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  1. just hugs you all up

  2. I remember a time when someone very special taught me to make bread. Oh I know it wasn’t so I could learn to bake, but it was therapeutic, and it was wonderful. I also remember the flour that was all over the kitchen, it does seem to go everywhere, dough as well. ;-0


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