A super food

OMG… food again?

*giggles* yup.

alright…. what this time.. chocolate coated marshmallows toasted with walnuts and whipped cream?

hmmmm, no.. but I am drooling now.


woo hoo


yup… I love them. So I am going to share.

first we need a picture.. so off I go to find one.

There we go, doesn’t it look yummy?

you don’t like them? *gasps*… why not?

ok, first they need to be ripe, so squeeze them. If they are ripe they will be a  bit soft. NO, don’t crush them, just a little squeeze…

hmm, you have trouble shopping don’t you.. ok, here is a tip. With some fruits and veggies it is hard to tell when they are ripe. So next time shopping…. look around.. see that nice elderly lady over there.. sniffing the fruit and tapping on it… *nods* that is the one.. ok, follow her. when she turns her back take the fruit and veggies from her cart, as she knows how to pick the good ones.

Avocados are easy to use, look at the picture, that is how you cut it, there is a big ball in the center, so run the knife through the avocado and cut in a circle. then twist the two halves and it will come apart. The nut/ball/seed will come out easy if the avocado is ripe.

Use a spoon to remove all the green fleshy part, it will come out easily, scrape it right to the hard skin.

Now you can eat it like this. But it is a bit bland.

I love to mix in a bit of mayo, some lemon juice and a pinch of salt… (55 grains.. lol) and a dash of pepper. Use a fork to mash it up, it will be hard to do at first, but it mashes up quite well.

Now, what to do with it.

When we have fish, sometimes I will put this on the side, and with a bit more lemon added, it is a great garnish for whitefish like sole or tilapia.

In tacos it is yummy. or on a burger. or as a dip for toasted flat breads.

It takes on flavour well, you can crush a clove of garlic and chop it up fine and add it, let it sit a bit. Roasted garlic is great in it as well.

parsley, dill.. it takes on herb flavours nicely, or use lime instead of lemon.

a dash of hot sauce if you want.

So why do I like it, well I love the taste. But it is a superfood. There are a lot of great things in avocados.

They are high in fat, but it is a good fat.

The fat in avocado is an anti-inflammatory, it helps with arthritis too. Studies show it may help prevent arthritis.

Also caratenoids are present. And they help us absorb the caratenoids in other foods.

Protect against eye disease

  • Combat vitamin A deficiency
  • Powerful antioxidant
  • Support and enhance the Immune system
  • May be a powerful anti-aging agent and a powerful anti-cancer agent
  • Help support healthy bones and a healthy reproductive system

oleic acid too, it helps lower cholesterol, there are a lot of other benefits, but I see your eyes drooping.. 

Try avocado as a pesto in a pasta. crush your avacado, add two tablespoons of lime juice, some parsley, a couple cloves of garlic, a dash of olive oil to help it spread, salt and pepper and use your blender to puree it. You can also add some chopped cherry tomatoes after or a few tablespoons of a salsa.  Again a dash of a hot sauce if you want.

or mix it with some rice. using the same recipe.. mmmmmm

ok, so still not convinced.. well a choice between some licorice or avocado…  I am so going green… lol


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I LOVE avocados *S*. One thing I do is that after I halve it…I take a paring knife and just cut slices (lengthwise) right in the skin. But don’t go through the skin. Then when you scoop it out you have nice slices that you can put on salads or in a sandwich.

    The avocado pesto sounds good mmmmm.

  2. Now I am wondering if we have any avocados at home as the cravings start distracting me.


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