Sunny Sunday… well for a while.

As we watch the wall of water move slowly across the lake toward us.. forcing us to run laughing inside to avoid the drenching that was coming.. a rainy day invading our sunny Sunday. Then realizing with the heat, that this could be fun, we stopped.

The wind was getting very strong and there were white caps on the white caps, the lake whipped into a frenzy of froth. So being the smart girls that we are.. we went down to the dock and stood on it and waited…. omg it felt good, lol. The warm rain and strong wind after all that heat. But when we had to lean to stay standing up, and the waves were crashing over the dock,  it seemed like it was time to go in. There we were greeted with the aromas from the roti-de boeuf that was filling the cottage.

Earlier that morning I removed the roast from the fridge. I like to get roasts from the front of the ..hmm. cow? I find they have much more flavour, I usually look for a blade roast or a cross rib. You just have to carve them carefully, make sure you slice across the grain of the meat, some pieces may run in different directions, so remove them all and slice with care, it is sooo worth it. 


Most of the meat for steaks comes from the back of the uhmmmm cow.. they separate it into the front and the back. Meat from the back is leaner and costs more. Is it better? not always.

Meat is marbled with fat. Lean meat has very little in it, this meat is usually dryer and not as tender.  Fat is the white you see in the meat, oh I know, you knew this. But the fat is also where the flavour is and it keeps the meat from drying out during cooking. So always look for meat that is marbled with fat. That is what they call it, marbling. Not a big fat layer at the edge, but through the meat.

So, the loin is from the back of the uhm, cow. pigs too.. sheep and goats.. hmmm elk and deer.. and so on.. from the loin you get the expensive steaks, but I don’t like them for roasts. Well for pork I do, but not for beef.

The steaks from the loin are, starting at the front, wing, then t bone, then porterhouse. when you take the t bone steak and porterhouse (which is a t bone but has more meat on the tender side) and remove the bone you have two pieces of meat, the big one and the tiny one, that is always so tender. The big one is called the strip loin the small one the tender loin or filet de mignon.

After the loin you get the sirloin and then the rump and round steaks, they are not great usually as they have little fat in them and can be dry. The sirloin is just overpriced for meat that is just ok.

Before the loin you have the rib, which is the rib eye or prime rib.

hopes I am impressing you, but when I take an interest in something, I learn as much about it as I can, and this involves choosing the best meat, so I took an interest in it.

If you ask me which steak I want. I am going to pick a rib steak or a rib eye (same steak, but the bone is removed and a piece of tail meat that is not as tender is also removed)

There is no question that the best meat on the uhm cow, to cook is the prime rib. It is great tasting and well marbled, so the meat doesnt dry out and has great flavour. But it is also the most expensive.

so what to do?

well that the front starts now, and you have the meat that is next to the prime rib.. the cross rib. almost the same meat, but no one seems to know about it and it is so much less money. but almost the same meat.. so that is what we try to get, or a boneless blade roast which is next to that. again almost as good… not quite.. but if you are careful, you will love it and the meat is in the bargain bin, you can get five roasts the same size for the price of one prime rib.. and if I cook it, you won’t know the difference. 

The day before I take the meat and sprinkle meat tenderizer on it, It is a salt that makes the meat more tender, Then I put it in a big bag. with some olive oil.. herbs and sometimes garlic and or onion.. and massage the meat a few times during the day so the oil and herbs work into it.

a long beginning to our morning, lol, but it doesnt take much to do that, and it is so worth it.

So now it is cooking day. I took a frying pan and put a bit of oil in it, heating to very hot and then seared all the sides to the roast. Don’t cook it, just sear each side, all the sides.. there are six. You don’t want any raw or red meat showing when you are finished. This adds a nice flavour, but don’t over sear.

Then I put the roast in the crock pot. I chopped some garlic finely and spread it over the roast. The I put two strips of bacon over that… the fat from the bacon makes the roast great.  its ok, we will go for a run after dinner.

oh wait, I am not done.

I sprinkled some seasoning salt on the roast, not a lot. some basil too. then I put three thick slices of videla onions on top.. a bit of HP sauce, just a drizzle, and maybe a teaspoon of a dijon mustard. (not powder)

not done yet….

I took some potatoes we brought up from our garden, they are new potatoes, so the skin is very thin.. I put them in a bowl drizzled with olive oil and mircrowaved them for a few minutes.. it is still very hot and we don’t want to heat the cottage up, especially if we are going to be stuck in it for the day.

Then I took the potatoes and sprinkled them with rosemary and thyme.. salt and pepper and put them in the crock beside the roast.

Aimee poured a cup or so of a cab merlot in the bottom of the crock. hmm maybe more.

on went the lid and turned it to low….

it smelled wonderful

every once and a while Aimee or I would baste it from the juices that were mixing with the wine.

After a few hours I would check occasionally with the temperature probe. when it hits about 140 or so we take it out and wrap it in foil, then take out most of the broth and put it in dish and into the freezer. The crock goes to high and the potatoes start to brown.

After a while in the freezer, the oil in the juice floats to the top, we skim it off and make a gravy with the rest.. sometimes if there is a lot we make a soup too.

wonders if you are hungry yet

Because this involves almost no work, we could watch movies.. Saturday we watched the olympics a bit. Go Rosie go! woo hoo, OMG we were so happy!

To stand on the podium when your national anthem plays.. your heat pounding.. the world watching.. gawds..

for those that haven’t heard the story. Someone was watching Rosie on Saturday. Her grandfather. He was going to be an Olympian in his youth, But the Olympics were canceled, the world was at war. So he never was able to fulfill his dream. He would encourage her, not laugh when as a young child march through the house pretending to hold the torch up high.. And then Rosie competed in the Beijing, two weeks after her grandfather passed.  She finished 7th there.

Then on Saturday her Grandfather was watching again, and this time saw her stand on the podium as our national anthem played, smiling so beautifully with the gold medal on her chest. 



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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. With all that food you eat over the weekends, I can see you will be an Olympian come Rio.. *LOL*

  2. Lol.. yup. I would scare you with what I eat. *grumbles* cause I am losing weight too.

  3. That was a lovely story at the end…and I would have cried when I saw it I am sure (I almost wanted to cry as I was reading it!)

    And I loved that standing and waiting for the rain *S*.


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