You get what you give

Today I just felt like writing a poem, tossing together some words that may rhyme

It doesn’t always work though, searching for that special word takes so much time

Oh I could just pick ones at random that seem to fit

of course everyone would then go.. omg what a git.

A good poem may not rhyme at all, in any sort of  way

and still would be pretty in your mind, I could say.

But a great poem needs a theme, concept message or lesson

and that makes it much harder, because not all words rhyme.

Points above with a giggle, keeps writing thinking I may get away with that one

hoping you are still reading and maybe that I have a message for you, but fear not I am not done.

There are a lot of words that rhyme, and I have used yet only but a few

so now to search for my message, thought or lesson to impress you with too.

Rattles my brain and tilts my head, scrunches my eyes searching for that thought

what can I teach you, what lesson will you learn, can I pass on something I was taught?

Wow, that is a challenge, to make something interesting enough for you to stay with me, I’ll give it a try

and keep it rhyming as I go, each word making sense, with meaning and pretty in your minds eye.

It isn’t that hard though you see, you just have to work a bit harder and try a bit more

because just like life, you get back what you put in to it, to gain the rewards you will adore.

The hug or smile from that nice old lady, the wink or kiss from someone intimate

cuddles and huggles, love and adoration, it doesn’t just happen, it is a two way street.

Laughing because I snuck by another, but what is love? Something everyone does ask

is it that fondness, comfort or the relaxing feeling you have, nothing hidden behind a mask.

How do you know if it is really love that will last, do you take it for granted knowing it is there

or do you work hard to keep the spark alive, the glow that kindles, the tingles, that make you a pair?

So many don’t you see, they assume and forget, the magic subsides, the spark looses its sizzle

communication fades, doubt starts to flicker growing and weakening that bond, making it fizzle.

So when you have that special someone, the one that is just right… your yin for your yang

your mate of your soul, trust is so important, for without it things will sputter, make your heart pang.

Communication so wondrous but often neglected, keep it alive, have no secrets between you two

it is how we learn, grow and bond even more, but as days, months and years pass it often becomes like goo

We assume or expect and then things go asunder. 

and ever after we do wonder.

Was that my one,  why did it fail, it seemed so right where did it flounder

so don’t let those things mix with your match. Trust and talk,  even listen too.

Grins another one but I am so happy, because you are still reading, I am beaming

and I think my goal was accomplished, some words even rhymed and had a meaning.

For everything in life you get what you sow, crops, love, work or learning, I hope I am not being too untoward 

but in life you can coast if you wish, but your ride will soon end, so give it your all and claim your reward.

You get what you give

so give it all… and live.



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

3 responses »

  1. sneaky poem writer… lol

  2. ~ I counted three non-rhymes in your post ~
    ~ Though I daresay there’s another at most ~
    ~ For if I count your name at the end ~
    ~ Then surely another non-rhyme to defend ~
    ~ So whether three of four that you’ve done ~
    ~ One cannot deny the post was wonderfully fun ~


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