Back to school anxieties

It is starting, little heads, and bigger heads are starting to twist and turn as the date closes in…

The return to school. The continuing of ones education.

Why is it returning now?

Back to school advertising has started. These commercials become more and more prevalent, they also get parents going.. hmm, we need to shop. They start asking the young folk what they need.. over and over….

This awakens fears for some, anxieties, stress disorders.

For some, it is the return to a bullying situation, one that was gratefully left in the spring/summer and now they will have to face it again. Or those new glasses.. now I won’t fit in, I have acne now.. omg I am ugly… so many things.

Or others are entering a new school, from a move or an advancement in their education, the next step, leaving public school… High School… College… University.

With both, a new school or advancement, there is the excitement for some or fear for others, new classmates, new schools, new instructors and new subjects. Can you handle it.. will I be liked.. and so much more.

Many parents don’t see some signs, or brush it off. Perhaps missing the chance to notice that little billy is just scared out of his mind at returning to see that bully or that gang again. It is a good time to ask them, are you excited about going back? It is normal for most to say no, who wants to leave all the fun of sleeping in and doing what they want all day… but is there a real fear about returning?   … ask why.

Then there is entering University, the first time away from family life… the excitement and nervousness.. even the financial stresses.

Can you handle the course load, will you fit in, the food sucks.. no friends.. alone

Skype is a wonderful thing, you can still be with your friends, family, it is almost like being there.  But the course load.. how to deal with this.

want a tip?

look around, omg you are not alone… see all your fellow class mates?  study groups… nods.


oh I know you are a super brain, you can do it alone.

But look around again. for each topic.. start observing some classmates, and do it soon.

Form a group that will meet at regular times, no not to study for a test/exam or to help work on an assignment… but you can do that to..

But to just review things, collect thoughts, talk… advance.. tear the subject apart and put it back together… work with your professors, you may find they are interested in your group, have tips or may even suggest new members or help you get them. They want you to learn too you know, and will often help quite a bit. They may even sit in on sessions if you make it interesting.

who to invite?

oh you want all the brightest people..

*shakes my head*


Some, yes, of course. Bbut a mix is what you want, and who are you to judge who is the brightest?

A diversified group will give you a much wider outlook on the topic. And when everyone is fair and comfortable, you will all fly with it, you can exchange notes, ideas, cover for each other when you may have to miss a class. Meet often.

It isn’t a competition you know, work together and learn. The group size needs to be large enough for many ideas, but intimate enough that all are heard. I am not going to give you a number, my groups always range in numbers. Start with two and then each of you get another, go from there.

But they work.

oh I know… super brain.. you don’t need it.. you have it handled…. *pats you on the back*

Know what? When you teach someone something.. going over it carefully so they understand it.. suddenly you know it a lot more, and their questions open your eyes, maybe they think outside of the box.. look at different things.

You may even make some friends, help take that lonely feeling away that you are starting to fret over now.

It is nice meeting new people, sharing things.. learning.  enjoy some nice conversations, meet people.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. *S*…I was one of the weird ones that really liked school *S*.

    As for what you say about study groups…nod nods. They are good for studying yes…but reading what you said agrees…it was more than that. It was where my close friends came from. It was hard at first, but as you say, it started with two…and grew. Our group was perhaps 4 to 7 at any given time.

    • *nods lots* they are great. It gets so people want to join them and at times I have had a professor ask if someone could join, and even if they are lagging.. explaining or catching them up… just reinforces what you know.. or thought you knew.

      and the bonds that form are great.

      like school.. ewe… *giggles and nods* just like the poem… you get back what you put in.

      • I agree that when you help someone you also get a lot out of it. And it just feels good to help others *smiles*. Admits too though, that sometimes a particular person does not quite work well at times. In those times I say treat it as if it is when you get a job after college. Sometimes there will be situations when the people you work with are not ideal…and the challenge is to still get the work done. You learn good people skills that way too. (Though from what I can tell you already have excellent people skills amber *S*)

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