Feminist.. a goal.. or a label


Wikipedia defines it as a collection of movements aimed at defining, establishing, and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women. In addition, feminism seeks to establish equal opportunities for women in education and employment. A feminist is “an advocate or supporter of the rights and equality of women”

oh, well then I guess I am a Feminist. Who doesn’t want equal rights?

oh oh, does this mean I have to start hating men, running them down, belittling them?

Is that the way it works? Active campaigning to seek equality, stamping out injustice. hmmm. wait, do I want equality. *nods* I think so. Oh wait.. rethinking equality..  it goes both ways.. to be equal.. woo hoo, so now men will give birth. Well that is great news. I remember reading that Carol Burnett said: Giving birth is like taking your lower lip and forcing it over your head.

*nods*, I am liking this equality thing more now. 

But why is it necessary, why is there a difference in treatment, wages, and more. 

Because it is a guys world? well that explains the mess, but how did it start? Mothers raised their sons wrong? you know.. I think that is it. Here son I will do it for you, let me get this, your sister can do that.


How complicated do you want me to make it? It had to start somewhere. Woman are not as strong as men.. well I am not sure about that. I can easily find ten men and ten woman and prove otherwise. On the whole, perhaps. 

Men gathered the food.. sure, but then they dumped it at our feet and wandered off.. to watch caveman races, we cleaned and cooked it. So who was the provider?

oh oh, I can see the label in your hand… she is a feminist, watch out.

If you follow the definition of the word, I think all women are, do I actively campaign for it? No.


Oh I am challenged often, you can’t possibly do that, the hidden “it is a mans job” hovering unspoken in the air. So yet again proof is required. But only once, is it annoying that this is necessary to do? 

You know, I really hadn’t thought much about that. Perhaps it is.

Instructing In Martial arts and being… hmmmm… height challenged (by all the giant standards) and young for my accomplishments, I am use to just proving things, not really thinking that it is because I am female. 

But now I wonder more, is it insulting?

Or is it a compliment that I am being challenged, and able to prove myself. Do I make the guys prove themselves, oh yes, but I have to. How can I instruct without leaning what they know.  Is it the same, hmmmm, in a way it is.

So the term Feminist, was it a label created by men or women?

If it was a mans label for one that just defends their rights, then it is insulting I think, a brush off, oh you are just a feminist.

If by a woman, then it is a goal, a goal for equality. A worthy goal, but I am really looking in my head, at the guys with their bottom lip stretched over their heads, and thinking that world overpopulation could be cured with equality….

So is the movement unrealistic?

Is total equality what we want?

When you see the word feminist, does it conjure images of “butch” or man haters?

well, then I am not a feminist, I should hate men, but don’t. I have reason to. oh great, so then “butch”

lol, No, more girly girl actually.  But I know what I want and will get it. Equality, of course, I expect it. Superiority then?

No again. I like equality. Give and take. You get the food and I will cook it, but when I get it.. guess what?

So how did it get started? During the wars when women came out of the kitchen and filled the factories? 

And liked the freedom? Probably. 

so when are they going back? uhm… really???



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I think the term “feminist” in and of itself is, like most words, benign. Given to its denotative meaning it is what it is.

    Its the connotative meaning that gets attached. And the way it can be used. In context.

    It can have a good connotative meaning – “Helen Keller was a grand women who fought for the rights of the disabled. Later in life her advocacy for women’s rights as a pioneer for later feminists were…”

    Or a bad connotative meaning – “Gloria Steinem, the infamous man-hater and feminist was once again …”

    In my view, I like to see the word utilized in its more positive lights. If, as you say, “feminist” equates with equality, then I yell hooray! *smiles because that is what I actually equate it with myself*

    By the way … your definition above….and a question (because I am too lazy myself to look it up)….can men be feminist as well then? If not, what would a male be called who is for equal rights for women? Hmm…has not ever thought about that.

    Nice post again Amber *S*

  2. Wikipedia goes on to say later in its definition : Feminism is mainly focused on women’s issues, but because feminism seeks gender equality, some feminists argue that men’s liberation is a necessary part of feminism, and that men are also harmed by sexism and gender roles.

    But what is a man that seeks equal rights for women… hmmm. rare? clever? or a wimp? another blog idea probably. Titles, are always limiting and damaging.

    and thank-you. *S*

  3. I have to say, that this blog gave ‘a lot of food for thought’ (figure of speech).. I can go to the store and get my food.. *laughing* Very nicely done.. and I will keep my opinions to myself since men aren’t on the top of my list of caring at the moment.. *LMAO*

    • I found it interesting too, I have seen a lot of “feminist” blogs the past few days, I think we all are to a degree, and rightfully so, but then guys are too, for their cause, but there is no label for it.


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