dripping kitchen faucet

Isn’t that annoying?

drip.. drip… drip

Well it should be easy to fix, but our landlords are an elderly couple and sooo nice, but he is in the hospital now, and she is visiting him a lot. We have been making her some dinners and bringing them over. We try to get her to come to our place often too, eating with some friendly faces is a nice break from the stress, and she really seems to enjoy this. We love to hear her stories too. She is a very good cook, but obviously preoccupied now, so she skimps and doesn’t eat right. 

eeps, I side tracked. 

So our kitchen faucet is dripping… it goes drip… drip… drip…  just in case you were confused with some other sort of dripping. I know with house repairs you need to be specific.

*nods* because we went to the hardware store to ask about it. We described the problem and went into great detail… drip… drip… drip…  

We tried putting a dish cloth below it to muffle the sound.. but then it goes  bloop… blooop.. blooop.  so that sort of didn’t work.

Jill thought maybe some chewing gum.. but we gave her a look and dismissed that idea. 

A glass was good, but then it was splash.. splash.. splash… that was more annoying.

Well the fellow at the hardware store was very helpful, he said they were easy to repair. Oh great. How do you do it?

He said, it depended on the type of faucet, some had a cartridge that you just replaced, some had washers and there was another type that had other things…

hmmm, it is not sounding easy anymore.

So he asked, do you know what kind of faucet you have?

Megan is our repair hero, so she was quick to answer.. yes, it is a kitchen faucet…. she said with pride. She is very smart with repairing things. we all nodded.

He looked at her funny, I checked, there was nothing stuck in her teeth and her hair looked nice today. hmmm, was a funny look though.

I thought I best help, he needed more details…. It is shiny. Aimee nodded.

oh oh.. out comes my compact.. there must be something in my teeth too… 

Aimee was rolling her eyes a bit now and Jill was giggling. 

Aimee pointed to one and said it didn’t look at all like that. nodding emphatically. 

He pointed out that the one she was pointing to was a bar sink faucet.

well, it doesn’t look like that, ours is the kitchen faucet she told him, ours is much bigger.

we all nodded.

I was wondering if he was dense or something, we told him that right at the start.

He was looking a bit funny now as he looked at each of us. Do you know what brand of faucet it is? Is there one handle or two?

There are different brands? why? aren’t they all the same, I thought this was easy.

Megan was quickest, it has two handles she told him.

So he goes over to a set of taps and points.. like this one?

Jill shook her head.. oh no, not like that at all. That looks like a big bathroom faucet she told him.

We all nodded again. Jill is very observant. 

I am glad we brought her along.

He had a funny look again.. well is there one you see that is like it? pointing to the big display.

Aimee quickly pointed to one near her that she had been standing in front of from the start.

But that has only one handle he said.

I looked at it, he was right, well ours looks like that but there are two handles. and ours is shiny, this one has a dull finish.

Everyone nodded quickly again. Aimee echoed.. ours is shiny

He said shiny or dull didn’t matter, the inside was the same.

Aimee wasn’t so sure. we like shiny. I nodded.

He was breathing a bit funny then, I was becoming concerned. Probably from my medical degree I could see something was wrong.

Before I could ask if he was ok, he looked at Megan again, I guess he sorted out that she was our tech person.

Your faucet looks like this but has two handles? How is that possible? he asked. His tone had changed a bit.

oh oh

Megan was getting annoyed.. I stepped back and bumped into Jill who was also getting out of the way.

Megan just sighed and pointed to another set.. that one has two handles.

He looked to where she was pointing.. and then looked back at Meg quickly.. but the other one is a sprayer. He said

We all nodded again. It was true, we have a handy sprayer beside the faucet. It is very useful.

oh oh, I think I am going to call 911, he is looking very odd.

He took a deep breath and asked which one was dripping.

The kitchen faucet, Meg told him once again.

Is it like this one? He asked, on a roll now.

no, ours is shiny Aimee told him again. Jill nodded. I pulled my phone out.

He looked at her sort of funny again, and just stepped over to the one beside it.. it was shiny.

Like this one then?

Aimee nodded and then went no.

Megan looked and said ours is shorter. Jill nodded and pointed out ours wasn’t mounted on the wall either.

we all nodded. 

I don’t know what fixing the drip is going to be like, but it sure is hard to find  the parts for it.

He had a bit of a grin now, and asked if we lived far away, maybe it was best if he just took a look at it.

wow, he brought a few parts over and in a few minutes that drip was all fixed up. And he said the parts were under warranty so there was no charge for them.

Sheish, home repair is so easy.



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Ok, I have an inquiring mind so have to ask a couple of questions.. Are ya’ll all blonde? or all that young?? *dies laughing*

    Yes, please amber stay in Erotic Catfight where you seem to appear to know what you are doing.. *ducks quick like*

  2. Hey, it wasn’t exactly like that.

  3. BOL. Yes it was.

  4. OMG….shiny?!!? Hahaha.

    i actually had to repair my kitchen sink faucet several months ago…knows all too well the confusion…but I finally figured out I had a cartridge type faucet after I took it apart and into Home Depot. The ones with two handles seemed as if it would be easier to fix as its a washer. The home repair book I was looking at told me it would take me roughly 1 hour to fix. LIARS!!!! It took me half the day!

    By the way…*wonders*…why does Megan and Jill and Aimee always reply…but appear to not have blogs of their own??? Not fair! I want to hassle your friends too! lol.

  5. 1/2 a day… omg… you did it wrong.. he did it in a few minutes.

    and it is still shiny.

    shhhh, they talk enough. lol.

  6. and no more drips, YAY.

  7. I nominated you for the ‘inspiriring blog award’… well, cause you are an inspiration to all the blondes out there.. *LOL*

    Seriously, you have been a blessing in more ways than one.. *hugs*


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