There is only one chance for a first impression

You see someone, your heart beats a bit faster.. how to get things going.

Eye contact? The glance from across the room.. eyes locked.. then you know.

Well that works sometimes, other times a glare emits.. “leave me alone perv” seems to be transmitted… “stop staring at me”. eeeps.. stop

So you have to meet them, the first contact…. it is like meeting with an alien species. Do you go with a proverbial pick up line? Or just trip and mumble with a blush…

Do you have pick up line that works? Are there any…. a good one may crack a smile, break the ice. A bad one will end it right away, the eyes will roll and you will be dismissed.

Pick up lines may just not work at all, even something cute like:

Can you give me directions to your heart? I’ve seemed to have lost myself in your eyes

But it is better than old jokes like:

“You look a lot like my third wife …of course, I’ve only been married twice!”

Some that will evoke a smile are good, you can’t help smiling sometimes, perhaps something like this:

“I’m having a really bad day and it always makes me fell betterwhen I see a pretty girl smile so would you smile for me?”

The smile forms, so now you need to follow up.. a dumb look is not going to last long. But not another line please.

Some lines and my reactions to them.


“I don’t mean to bother you, but I had to come over and introduce my self; otherwise I’ll be kicking myself for days.”

thumbs up


(lick your finger and then touch her shirt)
Here let help you ouy of those wet clothes

lol.. I hope you run fast


“I was just showing this flower how beautiful you are.”

if it is a nice flower…


Do you have any Irish in you?
Do you want some???

reminds you I teach martial arts….


Is it hot in here or is it just you?

just sighs.. hopes you have more imagination


Did you invite all these people? I thought it was just going to be the two of us.


Do you think we might have a mutual friend who would introduce us?

well at least I would answer… maybe


But you know the best pick up line?

get your pen and paper out, so you remember it.

ready? I will go slow.


*waits for you to write it down*

If there is a connection or an interest.. a cheesy line could ruin it. So start simple, don’t mess up that first impression.

Simple is always better, for almost everything. 

*taps your forehead* except in here…. *giggles*

do you have a pick up line that rocked your world? 


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Thanks for making me smile…and laugh. Turns out I did use the right line after all…

  2. Heyyyyyyyy … I saw that Irish remark there missy. LOL.

    Trying to think of the last time someone tried to use a line on me. Lord … that’s too much thinking I need to do!

    But here are few I have not liked….followed by the more positive ones …

    Bad, bad. Do NOT use this on me:
    1) I think you accent is sexy. (Sighs at this one. I know it is meant well … but I heard it one too many times. I sometimes think men would only be drawn to me because of where I was from .. not for myself.)

    2) You have a nice ass. (Really?!!?!? Do I even need to explain this one??)

    3) More then a mouthful is a waste anyway. (This as actually been said to me about my errr … lack of bountifulness. Besides he fact that this is an overly used saying … it is just really NOT the thing to say to impress someone you are trying to pick up.)

    4) My friends dared me to come over and ask for your number …. (Ack … I am a dare?)

    A few that I thought were cute:
    1) I know you may not understand my accent … (this was told to me by a Yank and was a complete turn around on the accent thing. He was nice … we gabbed but that was it.)

    2) I overheard you talking to (name of person) about her dog. it sounds like you are a dog person. I’m one too. (This immediately made me like the person … we are fairly good friends today.)

    3) My boss offered me two tickets to the Portland Trailblazer game. I was debating on accepting them from him, but I wasn’t sure if you liked basketball or if you’d wish to find a place to listen to some music instead. (We went out a few times … he was rather nice.)

    Ahhh … thinking again on the last time I was asked out … hmmm. *smiles*

  3. *LOL* Absolutely love this…

    I have always like this:

    ‘Have I died and gone to heaven, cause I see an angel before me’… and people say I am not angelic.. Pfft.. shows them.. *LMAO*

  4. Le plus beau langage du monde est celui que vos yeux utilisent

  5. Oh gosh, I try and leave that up to the guy to try and make a move. I figure if he doesn’t want to try something with me than he’s not worth my time.
    Although when I’m drunk that’s a whole other story! *shakes my head*
    I say/do a lot of crazyyy things when I drink…maybe it’s cause I’m still young and dumb.
    But I’ve had a guy say, “I’ve liked you ever since I’ve laid eyes/met you”
    That was the sweetest thing ever. I’ll blog about that soon…maybe I’ll write about how stupid I am when I’m drunk next… *thinks thinks thinks*
    Love the post ❤


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