the dastardly chipmunk, natures kleptomaniac… or the cute tormentor…

Isn’t he cute?

knows it is a he, cause of the nuts.

What? hey, stop thinking like that… he is gathering nuts for his family for the winter… shiesh.

We have a lot of them at our cottage. I mean a lot. They are very bold, you could probably feed them from your hand, but then they would never go away.

They don’t cause too much in the way of problems, but we also have a bird feeder that is on a very thin pole. We picked thin because the cute little fellow… and is 59 gazillion friends like to go in the feeder. Now that is ok, but they go in, fill their cheeks and leave, only to return three minutes later and do it again… they line up at the base and wait patiently for their turn.

hmmm, well not so patiently, often the line up breaks up into a free for all wrestling match. Much like a street brawl.. and then the meek one at the back of the line scoots up the pole and gathers his bird seed.

Points out I said bird seed… *taps my toes*

I tried putting up a little sign, birds only.. but that was discriminatory, we ended up in a mock trial at the cottage…  (makes note to self….., dear self,  do not to invite legal students to the cottage)

sighs… the poor birds are getting a raw deal.

Then the light blinked… an idea glimmered.

I thought if the pole was harder to climb.. then they would not go up.


that is slippery.

So in I trot, get a paper towel and put a glob of butter on it.. out to the pole.. checking for legal students and animal activists…  the coast is clear…

I quickly coated the top half of the pole.

Why only the top half?

well I have to give them a little chance….. *giggles*

It didn’t take long, before the first victim uhm, customer arrived…

He scoots up the pole.. feet moving in a blur… then a panicked look appears on the cute little face. The little legs pump faster.. but he is still in the same place.. oh no.. now he is back tracking.. legs are pumping like he is on a treadmill but he is slipping slowly down the pole…

I am glad I wasn’t sipping on anything at the time. He didn’t need a shower.

plop.. onto the ground below. Goodness he looks confused.

But undaunted.. he tries again… zooom..

Seems some butter is clinging to his little feet.. he only made it up a tiny bit.


oh, cute, he is cleaning his feet.

here comes another… the line quickly  forms.

plop, plop, plop

oh, I have to go get someone to watch with me…

Settling down, the show continued.. hmmm, something is changing..

They are going up and then jumping off… each time going up a bit farther… it is a Plot!



They are going up just  to get covered in butter and then jumping off to eat it.. those dastardly little .. munchkins.

( I don’t use bad words.. sorry for the let down)

gawds, the parade is formed with them waiting for their greasy snack….

Two of them are fighting over there…. *points* oh wait… *covers your eyes*, is not a fight.

Well that didn’t work… less than a half and hour and the pole is all cleaned off and they are back at it. *grumbles*

looks at the flickering light… waits for another idea.

Aimee said peanut butter… Oh sure.. and stop giggling.

Jill suggested Ketchup.. oh great, then they will all look like they had been in a horror movie..

Megan said they were cute… oh that is a help.

looks at my dwindling supply of sunflower seeds…

Bet they don’t like vaseline. (petroleum jelly), with the humidity we keep a jar up there, it keeps the drawers in the dressers from kidnapping your clothes.

We could use soap, but that leaves scents in the air, we try to keep things scent free.

So back to the paper towel, and a little glob of vaseline.

Megan gives me a sad look.

Aimee and Jill just shake their heads.

here we go….

Zoom.. omg, it is a lot better than butter, they really slide down fast now.

here comes another one…

woo hooo, it is working.

they look confused again.

hey wait.. don’t eat it….

oh gawds

they are really dense…

Stop laffing Aimee….

groans… that didn’t last any longer than the butter…


waits for the light to flicker again… watches the cute chipmunks stealing the birds food.

wonders where the legal student is now…

it blinks… that light.. another idea forms..

dashing into the cottage again.. the door bangs. There it is, a foil pie plate..

Cutting a slit in it, putting it on the pole.. crimping the foil so it stays.. and watching it slide to the ground.


gives Jill a dirty look.. she stops giggling.

Aimee comes out of the cottage with a roll of electric tape and wraps it around the pole quite a few times under the pie plate.. it stays in place.

Likes Aimee (everyone should have one… but get your own… nods)

we sit back down and watch.

The crowd gathers, the parade forms again.. the pie plate rattles noisily as they bang their heads on it.

bang.. bang.. bang… when will they give up?

gawds that is annoying.

oh well.. it is a beautiful day, the sky is a vivid blue, the lake so calm… so off we go to enjoy it. …  sitting in the reclining lawn chairs.. the hammocks.. even out in the paddle boat on the sparkling water… floating in paradise…. sun wrapping us in its golden glow, fingers trailing in the soft water as we move through it.. enjoying quiet times together… so peaceful. 

bang… bang… bang… bang… bang… bang… bang… bang… bang… bang… bang… bang… bang… bang… bang…

it is a plot

Aimee stop laffing.. shiesh.

No we are not covering the pie tin in butter.. gawds…

About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. It is so nice to see that ya’ll can amuse ya’ll selves… and who doesn’t love nature… smiling*

  2. OMG….squirrels and chipmunks are almost as worse as crows in how ingenious they are at getting around obstacles that deter their (or other’s) food stuffs!

    Around here I have seen them wrap trees with this godawful metal sheathing. Does it keep the critters out of the trees? Yes….but it looks HORRENDOUS. Not to mention that they can jump from branch to branch. LOL.

    I suspect the only real way to prevent them from snagging food and driving you crazy would be to invent a bird feeder anti levitation device!


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