Americas Got Talent.. hmmm. well I have to say yes.. some. lol. 

We are watching the show as I blog… 

There are three judges, this year they are good, except when Howard Sten bickers, I can’t see how that makes ratings grow, we stopped watching it last season because of the judge that is no longer there bickered so much.. it was terrible to watch..  Yay, he is gone.

Sharon is really great, she builds up the contestants, seems sincere and knows what to say… 

We love Howie too. pssst.. he is Canadian and very funny, also very supportive. 

Sharon has been too.

until tonight.

I am very disappointed in her.

One individual has competed on the show, he has a very interesting story. He sings opera. You may have seen him. I don’t really like opera. But his story touched me, it touched the four of us. We cheer him on now, we were sad when he was eliminated, but he was brought back! *goes Yay* again.

He has never preformed before, never has sang before a large group, a small group.. a couple.. not even his parents.

He has a high voice. *shrugs* yes, unusual, but we like it. When he sang the first time the audience stood and clapped.. we had tears in our eyes. it was touching.

Yes he has a different look. *shrugs again* looks at you.. so?

Different looks.. hmmm like long hair.. beatniks.. there was a group of four of them that did sort of well, they looked different. hmm what was their name.. beat something….

The only ones? omg.. are you serious.. Boy George.. Liberace.. Madonna? Elton John.. gaga… I suspect I could go on for a long time. 

This is Andrew DeLeon. A bit of a goth look. His choice. It makes him comfortable. Relaxes his mind, lets you know he is an individuality, unique. 

It is his choice. Who is to say that it shouldn’t be? 

Sharon Osbourne  

omg Sharon. Why?

She said he should lose his look.. waved her hand in front of her face in a dismissive circle indicating he needed to change… is that going to make him sing differently? You know.. it may. *nods* he may not be relaxed.. in his zone.. and just sing terribly. 

No one has the right to judge the way someone chooses to represent themselves. Not in today’s world. To say.. that look is bad.. you look funny.. stop it.. grow up..  be normal… 


It may be for you, it may not. But if it is for them, then embrace it. It is who they are. Maybe a phase.. maybe not, either way, it is them, not you. 

let people be who they choose to be.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Agrees with you. That is why sometimes chat is great. You don’t concentrate on the physical so much as the insides of someone nod nods.

    And by the way, it is interesting that Sharon Osbourne is the one to mention this young man’s appearance…as he sort of looks the way her husband used to look when he was signing for that rock and roll band many years ago!

  2. I cannot believe Sharon said that!….omg, you all should see pictures of her husband back when he played heavy metal music in the 1970’s!…..*gglz*….ummmm, is what i have read, i have no knowledge of anyone old enuff to actually know that he played in a band called Black Sabbath!….quickly moves on….*s*


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