simple is best.. or is it

I like simple… but hmmm do I?

 A simple sunset, the golden ball slowly sliding below the horizon in a blue sky…

but… toss in some clouds and a new dynamic appears. The shading and colours can be mesmerizing. When the sun drops.. the clouds glow with pinks and purples, golden hues that a painting can’t catch.

hmm, more complicated a bit… ok, a lot, but Mother Nature makes it look so easy.

Rice is nice, just boil it and serve. Some salt and pepper.. it is quite nice, simple.

hmmmm, but when you boil the rice in tomato juice, or soup broth…

darn, not simple anymore.

oh, noodles.. you always boil them in water *nods* that is simple.

Ahhh, but try boiling them in an onion soup… or a red wine.

eeps… *covers my ears* that is not simple anymore.

mmmm, it sure tastes good though.

A white blouse.. *nods* .. ’tis simple.

ahhh, holding up a slender gold chain…

Darn… *but snatches the necklace*

A black and white image.. *nods again*

hmmmm, but what if you leave only one colour? just one, to focus your attention or  accent something…

Oh that is interesting too.. hmm.

Friendship, *nods wisely* that is simple, smile and wave…

*looks startled* but what about when someone is sad, a friend.. do you not console, hug, help?

share in their happy times, offer congratulations, celebrate?

drat.. that is complicated too.

a novel.. book or story.. there.. that is best simple.

Or wait, what about a twist you were not expecting, doesn’t that enhance the story?

seems life is more complicated.. simple is harder to find.

oh wait… I have it.

a smile.

Share a smile, it is simple.

It is contagious too… so be careful or you may catch it back.


*grumbles and edits*

…. psst. always read your blog over 42 times before hitting publish.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. LOL…*wonders what you had to edit* … a typo? A grammar error? A lost thought? *S*

    As for simple …processes should be simple. Other things … *thinks*. Uhhmm, a simple black dress can be elegant. But…simple….pleats…neckline Perhaps the things that we like that are simple just seems simple when in reality a lot of work goes into it that we do not know about?

    *smiles though* because reading this blog made me smile.


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