Are you sensitive.. or a sensitive.

HSP  or ESP Myth or fact? or a bit of both?

oh, I so knew you were going to say that. *rolls my eyes*

likes it because it is purple.. lol

ESP… Extra Sensory Perception

HSP Highly Sensitive Person

HSP’s have more awareness or a heightened sensitivity  to their environments. They receive and process more information than average people on what surrounds them. They are  just more in tune with things, more aware. Even to the point that they become overloaded with it. HSP’s are not rare, they make up 15%  to 20% of the population. Are you one? An HSP will process sensory data with more depth, with a thoroughness, there is a difference in their nervous system that gives them this ability, or curse.  (more on this soon)

ESP, People that receive information that doesn’t fit in the normal 5 senses. They feel others emotions, feel energy or auras that may surround people, they may feel or receive communication from others that goes beyond sight or sound. Much like HSP’s

So what is the difference?

An HSP may also have psychic abilities, or healing abilities. They are often called sensitives. People that claim or exhibit ESP tendencies are often also HSP’s. HSP’s are often refereed to as  sensitives too.

 Now, ESP is often dismissed quickly. Most don’t believe or don’t admit that they do. Probably because of misconceptions about the abilities or the showmanship that is in the entertainment industry.  

ESP.. Psychic.. foretelling the future, staring into a crystal ball.. is the thought of it too silly? too much?

Perhaps you know what the next card will be, or can tell if someone looks at a card and then sends you the information by thoughts, or finish sentences, or fill in words, when they are very unexpected or obscure, grasping them from seemingly nowhere.

Perhaps you have a connection with some people, and when separated by distance, can still tell when they are happy, or upset… or hurt.

Knowing, when the phone rings, who it is. Knowing in advance of some events, usually strong ones, death, illness, accidents. It is very hard on one, when they see/feel that a loved one is about to pass.

Many have an increased sense of  intuitiveness, seeing or feeling auras, emotions, knowing some of this, it is easier to know of things to come. Is it the telling of ones future, of course, but by using more information. Example, you are walking down a road.. I, standing on a ladder seeing over the hill.. can see a house in the distance and someone is working out front planting flowers.. I tell you you will meet Mrs Smith soon and tell her her flowers are nice.

Sometimes it is more though, stronger senses. Stronger abilities.


Are you psychic? 

So, do you get hunches of upcoming things? Sense others emotions or feelings? A strange sensation when you enter a room? 

Do you see a shadow out of the corner of your eye.. a person, but no one is there, or have a feeling you are not alone.. when you know you are?

Have you known of an upcoming event?

This one is more complex, do you receive information from physical feelings and normal thought processes.. or from feelings, emotions?

Most will say yes to some of these. Does this mean you are psychic?  hmmm, perhaps.


HSP is a proven laboratory tested fact. Some have sensitive nervous systems. It can be a gift, or a curse. Sensitives have a greater imagination. Many artists are sensitives. They see, feel and are able to communicate deeper feelings  in words, or art that catching the emotion and transcribing it into something that others actually feel. Their nervous system is dealing with ten times more information (lab tested), that awareness, is a gift for some and a curse for others. Learning to deal or cope with it doesn’t often come easily.

So HSP’s have their troubles too, all this information. Is it all good?

not always.

You receive others information, energy, feelings, emotions. They are not yours, you may become tired and not know why, in crowds you may feel too much energy or intensely emotional. It can lead to confusion, affect health, mental and physical. Your sense of smell is tuned more.

As a gift, strong imagination, creativity, strong intuition. Compassion. 

The curse, overload, can’t sleep, psychological problems, often viewed as introverted because you try to not become overloaded with stimulation, so may avoid situations where you are with others. You need more private time. Migraines. 


Wonder if you are a HSP?

perhaps if…

 Are very creative, imaginative. 

Have a heightened awareness of subtleties in your environment, whether it’s sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell.

Very hard working, meticulous, organized, not as much and  uncomfortable when being watched.

Become stressed out need to seek a quiet place for relief, away from stimulation.

Are comforted by being around water,  a lake, river, stream, the ocean, or even a fountain.

Rapid mood swings, instant at times, affected by people around you?

A higher than normal sense if someone is being truthful, or is something is just wrong.

Perhaps worry about too many things, or you take things too personally.


Some have trouble dealing/controlling all the extra information, others thrive on it. Leaning to deal with it can solve some problems, that you were wondering why you had.

 so…. why provide you with this information? 

I just had a feeling you were wondering.

lol…  but no.. but I am serious


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

4 responses »

  1. I have never heard of the term HSP. Or “sensitives”. Hmmmm.

    As for belief in either…HSP or ESP. For me the jury is still out. Do I experience some of the feelings….or, awareness, as you say? Nods…yes. Most assuredly. However … I wonder, if we all feel these things …some come to pass, some do not. Perhaps this is normal?

    *thinks on this a moment*

    Oh … this thought popped into my head just now. Could this be like … coincidences? Sometimes when a coincidence happens, we are sure that it is fate … or some kind of sign. But part of the reality of life is … coincidences happen. To not have ANY coincidences would be … out of place.

    *wonders if this is similar to what I am thinking you were speaking about*

    I think I need to think on this more. Let is bump around in my head a few weeks. These things you speak of are things that I let lay in my thoughts…until one day a light bulb of thought comes to me … mostly as I lay in bed ready for sleep … or in the shower.

    I can also tell by the way, that my … experience with religion … or rather, my experiences that changed my “belief” system, may be coming into play here. I think. I have tended to think of things in a … more …. math mindset…science. Which I do not mean to say I discount such things as ESP or HSP … I just don’t understand what I think of it yet.

    *smiles* … now you have my brain working overtime thinking on this.

    And another by the way …. all those things you mentioned at the end…about wondering if one is HSP ..i would have to say yes to all of them.


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