Inspiring Blog Awards

I love long weekends, but who doesn’t?

This one was a great one though, friends and family meeting at the cottage, and the weather was just fantastic.

We all had such fun, campfires, playing on the water, the moon was full.. and canoeing on a lake during a full moon.. is just so perfect.

Then it is over, we all hug our goodbyes, gather up our stuff and head home… Remembering all the fun we had, the conversations, sharing secrets… eating.. hmm drinking too, but of course not me.. *nods innocently*

Then you get home and check your mail.. only to discover you have been nominated for having an inspiring blog. Not once.. not twice.. but three times. Three separate times. wow. 

so.. who was this foolish?

Chey at wilddesireschat          Katie at irishkatie            Court at H0pelessr0mantic

Country Girl

Now there are rules to the nomination, one is to provide links to the person that nominated you. I probably should do a blog for each one.. groans.. but I am cheating. Points up.. I did that, provided the links. woo hoo, one down.

Then to put the image of the award.. oh oh, I did that before.. darn, I am bad with instructions. 

Then you have to post 7 things about yourself that you haven’t posted in your blogs.. hmmm I think I have already posted too much about myself, but I will try.

1) I am of average height. *nods convincingly* points out that everyone else is just tall... really tall.. really really tall.

2) I am an avid reader. 

3) I don’t like to follow instructions

5) I can’t count…

6) pink and purple should be mandatory colours.. oh wait, can I make demands?

7) woo hooo, 7, I am finished… (wonders if i will get away with this)

Now.. I have to nominate 7 people, possibly 21 as I was nominated three times, but I am only going to do 7, but the good news is I can nominate the above people. you know.. to get even.. lol


Ok, I am going to get a bit serious now, because I believe in what I am going to write now. Italics are  to the blogger.. so don’t read it if you are not the blogger. 🙂

So there is no order here. I am going out on a bit of a limb with the first one. I stumbled across her blog not that long ago. She touched me. I am hoping this nomination lets her know how special her blog is and how much I think it is helping others that read it. I know I am probably making you shrink in a bit, and this is not my intention. You may feel troubled at posting the nomination and following the rules. I hope you can but there is no pressure, please understand that. I know how hard your blogging is for you, but I also know how good for you it is. She hasn’t posted her name, and that is fine, this is her blog  panikpants. Her blog has inspired me, because I know how hard it is to put yourself out there, to be visible. Her blog is also letting others know they are not alone, and I think that is fantastic. I hope you keep posting, you are a very good writer. Her blog was on the freshly pressed a few weeks back, and rightfully so. If you visit her blog, and you should, be very nice to her, or I will smack you.

Now, this one is to one that nominated me, but I can do that, because I am using one of the spots from one of the other people that nominated me. and because I don’t like rules. This person is supportive, not just in blogging, but in the non blogging world too. She claims not to be.. but we that know her, know otherwise. Oh I know, supportive is not inspiring… or is it? She inspires friendships. What is better than that? Her blog is here, some are very funny, some make you think, Chey Be nice to Chey too, or she will smack you lol. Chey from that first tentative email almost a year ago, I never expected an answer, let alone the friendship that has formed and the things we have accomplished this past almost year. You have done so much over the past number of years and I hope you will continue to do so for so many more, all the friendships you have formed and made a home for.

Another one that nominated me, lol.. I am on a roll.. but as long as I am breaking rules. She started blogging for one reason and discovered that blogging was rewarding, and fun. Her posts seem to attract a lot of comments, which I love. Discussions are started, people get to know one and another more and the topics are stimulating… inspiring.. even though the blog is mostly green, the posts are from the heart, you can see and feel this quickly. They are also fun and warm.. cozy. *nods* I am talking about katie now. (psst- she is Irish) Katie, you are doing so great, your blogs really are so interesting, with each one we get to know you more and you are great to get to know.  Blogging is a great way to be uplifted, inspired.. and to inspire. Which you do. Keep smiling too please. 

Keeping along with my roll, to reinforce I am a rule breaker. I like this blog, again because she creates posts that inspire comments. And she answers the comments thoughtfully, and she speaks her mind, there is no guessing at what she is really thinking. Now take a deep breath before you read her blog.. because she doesn’t hold back.  Court  you don’t have to do the post you are working toward, posting it may not relieve your frustration or pain, but may just awaken the haunting memories that are trying to slumber. Make it if you think it will help. Who am I to tell you what to do? 

Now one for someone that is always uplifting, a diverse range of posts, some funny, some educational, some sad, but you can feel her strength in her posts and her love. I have gotten to know her more through blogging as well and she must be great because she is Canadian too. Woo hoo two on the list. She is a Country Girl, but you have to call her Country Gal.. or CG  CG i love your blogs and especially your comments, when I see you have commented on a post I rush to read it, I know blogging is a bit harder right now, but important to keep doing, to stay in a normal routine. 

all right, 11 hundred words, that will teach you… time to stop and hit publish.

Thank you for the nominations!


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. &makes a clear note amber is blonde and she can’t count* Ok, got it.. *LOL*

    thank you for your kind words, and let me (seriously say… which will be done quick) I am so glad I answered that email last October. You have been a god send ever since. I never had someone push me as much as you do.. *nods*

    *stops* *thinks* How the hell did she get away with that?? Damn, you are sly…

    *pushes you*

  2. I would say that you have inspired me … and astonished me with your thought process, your kindness, your humor … and I could go on and on. You so deserved the nominations from everyone Amber

    I will also be sure to check the other’s blogs you mentioned (well .. I already do except the first person you mentioned…so will take a look a hers for sure nod nods.)

    And I am glad you had a wonderful weekend. Yah! And hugsssss.

  3. Thanks SO much for the nomination amber *HUGS* I love reading your blogs as well so nominated you too! LOL Keep up the good work and happy blogging my friend!

    Country Gal


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