Rain.. it is so relaxing…

Saturday, and the rain is falling.. the gentle methodical sound beating against the roof, tapping against the window… oh such a relaxing sound.. as the drops drift to the ground, soaking the grass, moistening the leaves on the trees.. it is so therapeutic, that gentle sound…   as I peer through the blurry window smeared with the water flowing like a river down the glass.. watching the squirrel sneak into the bird feeder… yet again…  and take all the seed I just went out to carefully put there.. so the pretty birds can come and visit, flashing their brilliant plumage and singing those oh so pretty songs.. but no, that dastardly squirrel sits in the feeder wagging its bushy tail defiantly at me in a mocking sort of way (am convinced it is a he) getting fatter and fatter while the birds sit in the tree crackling loudly.. upset because their tasty tidbits are being gobbled by the ravenous black furry pig who never lets a bird visit while HE eats all the seed, that I just went out in the blasted rain to place there… not for him but for the noisy birds that are now becoming very irritating as they squeal and quack in the branches… like I can get rid of this blankety blank squirrel who doesn’t even move when Aimee makes all those scary faces in the window at him and waves her arms.. I  mean she truly looks frightening…

gaspssssss for air

ahhhh, the rain.. it is nice..  the sound makes you want to sleep.. but it is a work day.. so where is the silly umbrella? I am sure there are a few of them… but of course they don’t call out  “here I am” as I search.. I even looked at the last place first, because I have found in the past when searching for something that is where it always is… I would ask Aimee but she is dancing in front of the window in a disturbing sort of way and I am suspect the answer will be obscure.

Oh wait.. in Jill’s trunk.. darn.. I have to run out to get it and charge back in? hmmm, wonders if this is logical.. blast, I just did my hair. omg, it is really coming down now, I tried talking Jill into getting it, but she said I am faster… eeeeps, are those puddles or lakes?

The  Pitter Patter of rain drops is much louder with the door open, it now sounds more like a high pressure hose is spraying against a drum… omg should we build an Ark?? Look how high they are bouncing.. oh oh.

Stop pushing Jill.. I am going..  shiesh.

wonders why all the birds flew away.. seems all that screaming alarmed them… who did that?

Drat, I have to change.. and my hair is straight.. grumbles.. silly rain.

Glancing at the window on the way by.. dripping on the carpet I am not relaxed anymore…The pretty song birds are back.. that didn’t take long and they are still tweeting, and not on the internet..  I wonder where they all came from, gee the tree is really full.. are they getting ready to gang up on the squirrel? hmm no, they are all  gathered watching the blonde girl at the window..   the squirrel seems to be watching as well, too. He isn’t eating anymore,  just staring her, sort of frozen in shock. His beady little eyes not blinking.. sitting on all that seed, wait, where is the seed? *looks at Aimee for an answer* oh by the way She is a very good dancer.. *makes a face* oh oh… eeeeps.. runs

Jill calls out.. the rain has stopped… oh great… looking in the mirror, who is that person, what a wreck… She wasn’t there a few minutes ago.

Don’t you just love rainy days, the soft sounds as it gently falls to the ground, watching the little bounces as each drop reaches back to the sky…


 oh nooooo, it started again… Jill took the umbrella and is in the car waiting… honking the horn even… 

Stop laughing Megan, grumbles…

blasted rain.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

7 responses »

  1. Can you pick up some bird seed on the way home?

  2. omg laughing …. when I first read this it was in a preview pane in my email…and I thought…a nice relaxing blog to read this early Saturday morning *smiles*.

    Then … lol. And yes…agrees with Megan…you should pick up more squirrel …errr…bird food.

  3. Hey, dancing? I was ferocious, and your hair looked very nice this morning 🙂

    oh, by the way, we are out of seed.

  4. I love a nice summer rain. I dislike Electrical Storms (My Blog Today btw) lol My most favorite smell is the freshly mowed lawn in the rain.. Mmmmmmm……. well that and a sexy mans cologne lol


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