some expect a little too much from life

Another glorious weekend passes, the weather is cooling and the leaves are taking a bit of a tint now, reds starting to dance across some of the greenscape, Mother Nature is practicing, ready to dazzle us yet again with her talent.

So, again what to blog about, peeking quickly at the news.. it become easy. *nods my head* hold on, it is going to be a RANT. cause I just got stirred up yet again.

I read this headline,

Father sues Ontario school board for not accommodating his religious beliefs

so right away I am annoyed. I am sorry, but religion is a personal thing and has no place in schools. AND separating schools and students so religious beliefs can be followed.. hmm in my opinion is wrong. Sorry and I will debate this with you if you wish, there is enough separation in the world. We are all the same!

Now, more comments from the article. He, the father goes on to say. “My children are my own. I own them. They don’t belong to the school board,”

GASPS, you OWN them?

now, a further quote from him “Why should I send my children to another school?” he said. “I pay my taxes…I don’t see why somebody else’s discrimination should cause me, should influence where I send my children. Not in a free country. Not in Canada.”

A free country where you Own your children? OWN!

He wants special notice if they plan to discuss family, marriage and sexuality in the classroom, so he can coach them beforehand or remove them from the class.

Oh they will get a good education.. nods.. completely unbiased. Just will have a lot of gaps in it where he disagrees at what his property will absorb.

Now don’t get me wrong, every parent should talk to their children about lessons, and more. Offer their thoughts to them, see how their children think on the topics, perhaps dig deeper into it, learn more, that is great!

Remove them before hand? Where will this stop? All lesson plans must be sent to him beforehand? They must be kept apart from other students, just in case something is discussed? Hold planned lessons back, because he was unavailable the day before, to confer with?

It seems a little bizarre to me. But that is just me.

property. *grumbles*


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Reads your rant.. and well, I guess.. I can see both sides of things.. Not in this particular case… but in cases where there are issues with schools…

    I take it from the ‘own’ comments.. it is sorta like most parents use, ‘I brought you into this world, I can take you outta it’.. Not that many do… but it is a saying used. Sometimes the choice of words used, aren’t the proper ones..

    But on the other side, if he doesn’t like the curriculum of the school.. He could always home school.. *nods*

    • *nods* or take his passion and help mold the curriculum, who is to judge what is the correct knowledge to empart? but you need to see all sides of it, not to be shielded from it, not to not receive it, so you form your own opinions, so you can rant about it. lol.

  2. Ohh…do I “Like” this? Hard to “Like” a blog about something so …frustrating.

    I can clearly see that parents want to raise their children as they feel is best. I can see that a parent wants to guide their children.

    And … I think parents do not have a right to expect the schools to do all their work with their children …they have an OBLIGATION as parents, to ensure that they are involved in their little one’s education.

    That being said, it is hard not to influence the way your young ones see the world. Mum and da say something at home. Little Johhny will pick it up.

    However … and this gets to the crux of the matter. While you may wish to raise your child the best way you can …. while you are obligated take part in their education … while you cannot help but be influential in their lives ….what is also true is:

    1) Parents need to also support the teachers and schools in their communities. Yes, schools exist to teach our young … but they are also livlihoods for others. (Teachers, admin staff, janitors … lots of people.) I believe MOST of the people who work in schools want to do their job well. They DO wish to help and teach and see all the children do well.

    2) Parents, while having every right to express their views to their children, should also express tolerance for those that may believe otherwise. To only profess your views, in not just selfish, it is intolerant. It takes a choice away from your child. It takes a choice away from those around him or her.

    And … on further consideration, I will “Like” this blog post. The “Like” I realized as I was co-ranting with Amber, is for “Liking the blog’s topic” … not the frustrating thing that spurs the writing of it.

  3. Parents are going to influence the thinking of their children, for a while, then one day the children start putting together all the influence’s that they have received and form their own thoughts. Being sheltered from entire topics.. I wonder what thoughts they will form of their parents?

    or the topics?

    bubbles are pretty in the bath, not around children.

    • Aye …I agree. Bubbles get burst …the tighter the bubble, the more it pains your eyes as it pops.

      *sighs and wonders if I am being closed minded at times with my daughter* I try not to be so … I think I fail a lot.


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