Time to get down to the grits

I am excited. Ok, that happens a lot, I will admit it.

We went to a bulk food store last night. (pssst, I didn’t buy any candy either) ((That is why we brought Aimee… *nods* she bought the candy, she is very helpful, I keep telling you that))(((oh Jill did too, hmmm also Megan….)))

The evenings are getting cooler, we will be able to bake bread again without heating the house up too much. Woo hoo, we have missed fresh bread.

Ok, so why the excitement?

Two reasons… I wanted to pick up some flour, and it is easier to get rye and 12 grain there, they always have it. The supermarkets have it sometimes, tis annoying when I go in and they are out. *makes a sour face at the stores buyer*

But this time they had barley flour. I haven’t baked bread with this before. I am all excited. Barley flour is very good for you, but it is harder to use in breads, it doesn’t have much gluten in it, that is what makes the bread rise. Its great for flat bread, but that isn’t what I want to make. So you only use about 25% of the barley flour in the bread. Unless I get some high gluten flour.. hmmmm, ponders that.

Barley flour is high in complex carbohydrates, fiber, protein. Breads made with it are more cake like though or heavier, as it retains more moisture. But I want to tinker with it. Maybe mix it with some rye flour and wholewheat, that should be tasty. Maybe some buns the first time.

Now, that isn’t what caused all the excitement. Though I was happy to be able to find something new.

So why the excitement?

hmmm, I think you are going to laugh now.

We have never had grits.

hangs my head in shame.

It isn’t our fault though. Our stores don’t sell them.. er.. it?

Nods, it is true, for some reason after a lot of research, it seems we export a lot, in fact I read that we export something like 40% of the grits used in the south, not sure how true that is, but it makes sense, we have a lot of corn growing here.. seems though, we don’t like them.. so just ship them off.

So why am I excited?

The bulk store had some hominy grits. I bought some.


Well because I keep hearing about them when chatting with my friends from the south. Nods chatting, it is fun, meeting people from all over and learning things about them and the differences in the way we do little things. You can meet some terrific people, I have. Look here, keep an open mind too. Yes, tis adult chat rooms, *gasps*, oh no.. . I have met so many terrific people there though, and continue to do so. There are so many that are like family now, people I have met.  You can just chat there you know, it isn’t always other things, but you can do that there too, the other things. What?  I meant tell jokes.. *nods convincingly*. 

Anyway they seem to like them for some reason down in the south, so there must be something to it. So I have wanted to try them for a while now, but haven’t been able to find them. After searching the grocery stores, some specialty shops.. (perhaps I missed them?) and looking on the internet only to find out that as a rule Canadians don’t like them, or sell them in our stores. 

Hmm, that perplexed me, why do they love them in one area, and not in another.

I have to try them.

So, now to find the perfect recipe, there are so many. Of course I will change it a bit likely, I always do a bit,  but I think for the first attempt I need to follow one fairly closely. It seems you don’t just sprinkle them on toast.. who knew?

I saw, when peeking at a few recopies last night, and when chatting, butter is key. You need a lot of it. Ok, I admit, butter and corn go together. Hmmm, but I am wondering if in the deep south, maybe they just like butter and this is an excuse to eat it?

So if you stumble across this post, before I make yellow glue.. do y’all (omg, I am a southerner now) have a favorite recipe for them? Or is there a reason we don’t have them here.. are they awful? 

Aimee wants to try them for breakfast. Megan said we should have a savory dish the first time, or it will end up always being a breakfast food.. unless we just don’t like them.

This does look yummy though

Jill just keeps giving me funny looks. She thinks the squirrel will probably love them… with out a recipe. pssst, sometimes she is not very helpful. 

Maybe they will be good in a bread. hmmm. thinks that could be interesting. 

Munches on some licorice… what? this isn’t candy… *hides my bag* (pssst. Jill bought it :-).. ok, she is helpful)


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I grew up in NYC, and I moved to the southern US two decades ago. I can NOT develop a taste for grits. I just can’t do it. But more power to you…

  2. I absolutely love grits.. *nods my head* Fry some eggs and mix them together. damn it’s good… oh and some bacon in them too… Hell yeah!!!

  3. Looks like savory grits for breakfast? You may have to get up earlier. 🙂

  4. I have never had grits! I want to know what it tastes like too now. I will wait for Amber and rooomies to try them nod nods. I will wait for Amber to wake real early to make them then post a review nod nod nods.

    Question: They are always mixed in with something else? Not eaten alone? Is it filler to stretch food?

  5. There are a lot of recipes and ways to prepare them. Some are simple, like a cream of wheat. We won’t be having them tomorrow, I have to teach Meg how to make them first. lol

    I may make bread dough tonight and then bake it tomorrow, tis still very hot and humid now, tomorrow looks cooler. wait, tomorrow is friday. grumbles… that may not work.

  6. Just grins. Is ABOUT time! Now, what about the promise of trying Vietnamese? Hmmmm?


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