Entitlement.. defies logic and common sense

hmmm with at title like this, I suppose this may be a rant of sorts.

I am going to start easy, oh wait.. I have to see if I can find a picture. We saw a video on the news this morning that started this train of thought for me.


There we go… look at this…

There, I found it. Looks interesting doesn’t it? Not completely harmless, but maybe they are turning their car around on their front lawn?


I am going to be brutal. This person is an idiot. Complete, selfish, and should never be allowed to drive again. FOREVER.

Ok, here is the story, A school bus driver became annoyed when everyday a woman would drive on the sidewalk to avoid stopping for the school bus, which was picking up a disabled student. Her claim is that it takes a long time to load the disabled student in the bus, and it would make her daughter late for school, so this morning she went around, this was the fist time she did it she said… well, it seems she did it every day last year as well, but there was a new school bus driver on the run, and he filmed it on his cell phone and showed it to the police. The next day she did it yet again.. but this time the police were waiting.

From Toledo News

Witnesses say a woman drives on the sidewalk on a daily basis to avoid waiting for the school bus on East 38th Street in Cleveland.

Fearing a potentially dangerous situation, the bus driver captured the act on cell phone. The bus driver then contacted the Third District Police before starting his route.

Officers waited for the driver, and caught her in the act on Tuesday morning.

Police identified the driver in the school bus video as Shena Hardin, 32, of Cleveland.  She was cited for not stopping for the school bus. 

Here is the video he made.

What becomes more interesting… is that the sidewalk she was driving on… was the entrance to a daycare. A DAYCARE! Shiesh.

That is an example of entitlement, …don’t keep me waiting, I am more important than everyone.


Government officials, they really feel entitled. Taking a trip for a poverty conference, upgrading yourself to a 5 star hotel… ordering a glass of freshly squeezed oj at a cost of $16.00… for that one glass. Then billing taxpayers as she feels entitled to special treatment? Or ordering a helicopter to take you across a river during a vacation.. or using air force jets to fly you and your family to France for vacations, empty except for you.. or even just your daughter at staggering costs to the tax payers.. because you are entitled? 


Teachers.. oh oh… Constantly saying the students come first, but are now upset because a wage freeze has been put in place, and because of their reputation, the gov’t also put a strike ban in place. But they have had 25% wage increase over the past four years apparently, but that is not enough. So now, though the students come first, they are not going to have any extracurricular activities. So the students are really… er.. second?

Uhm, do they read papers? have they noticed that Countries, States, Provinces are going bankrupt? Small business owners are not paying themselves? Large corporations are closing? Hello…. 

oh, nods, you are entitled to this. you work hard… no one else does? I have a thought, if you don’t like the job.. or the wage it pays… quit. I am sure there are one or to million people willing to fill your shoes.  oh, you are entitled……..  (adds extra dots) *makes very sour faces at them too*


Autoworkers… oh oh again. Contracts are about to melt, strikes will probably begin. Money is an issue, they took cuts to keep the companies going through the recession. psssst, so did the rest of the world... Now they want increases. In Ontario they are paid considerably more than just south of the border. Farther south in Mexico the employees are happy to do the job for even less.

What is the lesson here? The world is changing. Global economy is the word now. SO?

Let me explain. When you apply for a job, the employer looks at you and the other person, whoever offers the best skill set will be hired. This could be experience, attitude, education, expected wage and much more. You are competing for the job. If you are both hired and an advanced position opens, it is the same thing, the person best suited should get the job. Unless a union messes that up and just promotes because someone has been there longer. I am not going to union bash right now though. 

Well in the global economy it is the same thing, but now you are competing with people a long way off. If a company can close a big operation like a car plant, and move it to another country because of lower wages, so they can be competitive, do you really think they won’t? or shouldn’t? really? you honestly believe that? The companies are competing too, globally, and if they can’t compete because the other companies have cut costs, lowered wages… they will close.

Oh, I know working on an assembly line is very hard, it is hard on you body and your mind. But I am afraid you will have some time off soon to rest….  you need to think about that.


NHL… oh oh again.. looks like another season with no hockey. *shrugs* so? We can watch something else. Going to a game to watch is too expensive now, wages are too high, and the team doesn’t really try anyway. See, I work hard for my money also, and I have lost interest in watching you lose and paying so much to do it…  Entitled, no I really believe you are not, you don’t even work hard. When was the last time you won? or tried to win? (hmm perhaps I am speaking more to one team here, but I won’t say which one keeps disappointing its fans, but the players are entitled to more money?) Perhaps they should leaf.. oops, I mean leave the NHL.


Entitlement. hmmm, perhaps this is a part of society that needs addressing. 


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Hear! Hear! I absolutely loved the video of the woman, and here in the states she would have been cited for more than failure to stop for a school bus..

    I won’t get in on the teachers, because well, it will get me going and I am in a good mood right now…

    And well as far as hockey.. Well, not a big fan of it anyways, so doesn’t bother me in the least… *smiling*

    But I do/did enjoy the video clip one.. *nods my head lots*

  2. it was in Ohio. And she should be removed from the roads forever. gawds.

    did you cheer when the bus driver walked to the back of the bus, and showed the police pulling her over. we did. woo hoo.

    • No, I didn’t cheer when the bus driver did that.. I busted out laughing at his comments, and then wanted to reach though and high 5 him.. *nods lots* He gets a double gold star in my book.. Not only did he record her stupidity, he was smart enough to notify the authorities of her actions..

  3. Oh my lord … she did not even slow down! Not that slowing down would have made it right…but…WOW! Seriously?!?!?

    I mean, its not the most heinous crime ever (unless someone got hit and killed…which could happen) … but nevertheless, it does show a contempt and disregard for other’s safety. And her child is in the car with her? What kind of lessons does that teach her little one. Jaysus.

  4. Amber you hit on a MAJOR issue for me… I wish I’d have thought of posting on it first! lol… we are in an age of entitlement… I deserve this at the expense of others. I have taught college classes, and don’t get me started there. But the driver you post is a brilliant example. One option for the woman: leave earlier. Hit the McD’s drive thru for your coffee so you dont get your kid to school TOO early. Adapt. Humans are supposed to be adaptable, no? Perhaps we are all too used to getting all we want now… faster 4G networks, instant gratification online, using up a credit card to get what you want now even if you can’t pay for it (smirks at a friend with mirth and admiration),… we have been trained and now, as katie points out, we train our kids that we should all get what we want now and disregard the collective.

    • It isn’t a socialistic point of view. It isn’t a nice age, the age of entitlement. a selfish one, me me me. I don’t like it, and each time I see an example it irks me.

      It is odd that she reportedly, does this each and every day, changing her schedule just a tad would eliminate the road block, but that thought apparently hasn’t occurred to her, or more likely, doesn’t feel the need to adapt, why should she change…

      the “spray starch society” will now be renamed, I should have more spray starch…. I am entitled.

      it is sad, really.

  5. *reads WF’s post* and well the credit card one, I totally disagree with.. *hides them behind my back*

    and agrees adaption is the key..

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