Media needs a leash – when is the right to free speech not free?

Danish magazine to publish topless Kate photos Thursday

Danish celebrity magazine Se og Hoer plans to publish topless pictures of Prince William’s wife Catherine in a 16-page spread on Thursday, it said on its website Wednesday.

“Se og Hoer has exclusively (in Denmark) obtained the pictures of the topless Duchess of Cambridge, Kate. Tomorrow we will publish a 16-page spread full of piquant photos of England’s future queen,” it said.

Prophet cartoons published in French magazine fuel fresh protests

Fresh protests erupted in the Muslim world Wednesday over an anti-Islam film as a French magazine poured fuel on the fire with the publication of obscene cartoons showing the Prophet Mohammed.

Here we go again…

Where does it stop. Lets do one at a time, and I could have found a lot more… Kate was topless.. so? Are her breasts that magnificent?.. Has no one has seen anything like that before? well all , why the fuss? We can go topless here if we wish. Not that I want to, but why the fuss? The paper knows they will be sued and seems they will lose. Respect for them plummets, or maybe they don’t have any? Sure people are interested in the Royal Family, I guess… but to invade their privacy, take pictures? pathetic. 

The second article… gawds, again? People are getting killed over this silliness. Just leave it alone. Let everyone worship the religion they wish without being tormented. Publishing images that will defame someones religion? seriously? you think that is news? newsworthy? even slightly responsible???

And I don’t feel the people rioting and killing are any better, perhaps worse, don’t you think that is taking things too far? gawds, is everyone dense? Why can’t we all just get along?

I know, people become passionate with religion and their beliefs. That is great. You have that right. And No one should do anything to dissuade you from that right. But you don’t have the right to take lives either. You lose respect that way, your cause becomes weak. It is the wrong way. You are not defending your religion, offense is not a defense. It is not reasonable. You project the wrong image. I don’t care if you are angry or upset, you have the right to be yes, but not to cause damage to property, to take lives. 

Media is wrong here, very wrong. They are stirring up trouble to make money, they don’t care about the results to their irresponsibility. It is pathetic. I have said this before, making news instead of reporting it, that is so wrong. Free speech and the right to it is one thing. We shouldn’t have to draw a line, there should not be someone that says.. oh no, don’t print that. I mean.. do the publishers have the IQ levels of sand? 


STOMPS MY FEET…. stop being idiots!





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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I’m sorry to say amber, ‘sex sells’.. And we have ole Hugh Hefner to thank for that… *nods* But seriously if you don’t want the publicity, don’t get caught with your pants down.. in this case with your top off.. *LOL* You can’t really blame the media for wanting to capitalize on things.. they too have to make a living..

    Is it right? No probably not, but it is the way it is…

  2. I agree with you Amber… and I am sooooooooooo glad I’m not famous. Which I agree with Chey, that one has to be more careful, in Kate’s case, my understanding is she was on her family’s grounds and the photographer was WAY far away using a telephoto lens and such. It reminds me of when Erin Andrews was photographed in the nude in her hotel room through a keyhole. And people actually thought she should not have been nude in a hotel room. Really? Should she have showered fully clothed too in case there was a peephole? In that case the man was caught and arrested. Here I expect the case to go as you say, and in the meantime the magazine and photographer gain fame and notoriety…
    On a lighter note… are her boobs really that spectacular? *goes to look*

  3. I was not going to make a blog about this myself … though was not sure what the approach to it was … though my thoughts are in line with yours Amber.

    So … since I like to either number or bullet my comments …

    1) That these publications are going forth to print knowing full well they will be sued is obviously a calculated risk on their part. I suspect the lawsuit costs has been done and measured against the readership #’s and profit margins they were developed.

    Screw fairness. The hell with right or wrong. When the dust settles, we will have our $$$.

    2) That the photo’s take were, as Jen pointed out, very far away, and that the couple were on pvt property, AND that they had every expectation that they were in private away from prying eyes make it seem evident that their privacy was invaded.

    Some will argue that they are in the public eye. They know they are at any given time. They should understand that they could be viewed anytime.

    Really?!?!? We have take every ounce of privacy away from some people? Spy satellites are ok to photo them then? Can someone climb a tree and peek between their curtains and that is okay?

    3) The media claims that if there were not a market for it, then it would not be an issue. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. This is a case for the media (and I feckin use that word loosely in this situation) has become the news.

    This is a case where media can take a stand. Some will say it is the rogue 2 or 3 publications. Grrrsss.

    4) Freedom of speech. I CLEARLY understand the need for free speech. Where is that line between free speech and invasion of privacy? I don’t claim to know that. What I do know … is that this young woman had NO intention of being in the media this way. She appears to me not someone looking to have her breast slip out of her blouse for attention. There appears NOT doubt that any person would have thought they were beyond prying eyes.

    Freedom of speech is NOT absolute. But it IS a GREAT freedom. Suppression of speech is HORRIBLE….but with this incredible right also come the need to use it responsibly. And this is an example of gross mismanagement of the freedom of speech. Is this the hugest issue our world faces today? No. But the we do a great injustice to free speech when things like this happen.

    5) And since I am OBVIOUSLY ranting here (sorry for once again hijacking you blog Amber) … as a woman … this just mortifies me that people once again treat us like….like *deleted word* pieces of meat. It actually angers me….I need to stop now…(I had to stop and delete my naughty word! That is when I knew I had better stop!)

  4. All I can say is Mercy – but not nearly as well as Dave Matthews. Here you go:

    Love is not a whisper, love is strong. 🙂

  5. I loved that video! Now, I got to thinking.. going topless is legal in Ontario, I wonder if Farmer goes around snapping pictures for the media? Worse yet, I wonder if he goes around topless and there are pictures smeared all over the internet of him!!? *gasp*

    Oh wait, he is only famous online *whew* I think I am okay lol j/k..

    As far as media goes, they will go after ANYTHING if they feel it is going to give them better ratings, they will stoop to such low levels. The reason Lady Di is dead today is because the Media was trying to chase her down for a story. The Royal family is one of the most sought after news stories and if they can find a way to get something they will.

    Sadly Kate made a bad decision to go topless on a beach, as Prince Harry did partying it up in Vegas and Prince Philip exposed his, well lets say his skirt didn’t cover him up well, in Scotland. lol

    Have a great day everyone!:)


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