Foods to cool… or not to cool

I like cooking with fresh ingredients. Of course sometimes you just can’t.. and some times they are not really fresh. Have you ever seen a corn stand that said this corn is not fresh? they always seem to say Fresh corn.. even though it was picked days ago.. groans..

But there are some foods you can ruin too, even though they were perfect when you bought them. Some foods do not belong in the….

Fridge. Cooling will ruin them.

Tomatoes, no not canned, fresh ones. Cooling them destroy’s their flavour and aroma. Makes them tasteless. The same with Basil, it likes to be warm. Keep them out of the fridge.

Onions and Potatoes.. nope, keep them out. Onions develop a bad taste in the fridge, the starches in potatoes turn to sugar. Now if you cut your onion open, then chill it. Garlic too, it doesn’t belong in the fridge.

Bread.. oh no, don’t keep it in the fridge, it goes stale fast there. Six times faster. blech.

We try to eat food that tastes good, that is obvious, but ruining food before we eat it, is just wrong.

Oh, have you heard about the arsenic in rice? Just to cheer you up. Lawmakers want to limit the amounts of arsenic in rice now. limit it… shiesh.

Arsenic poisoning  is cumulative, nice that they want to “limit” it. Good to slow things down… *rolls my eyes*

This seems to be rice that is grown in the United States in Texas and Louisiana and along the gulf coast. South Korea doesn’t want it anymore. go figure. Brown rice is worse, it has more arsenic in it. Just when you think you are eating healthy….

It is suspected that the rice grown in this area, which was a cotton growing area, has arsenic in it because of pesticides used to kill off the  boll weevil using an arsenic compound… see it doesn’t go away, stick it in the earth.. and it stays there.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Crap….in brown rice? I like brown rice.

    I think a lot of things that are grown in watery farmlands have more chance of pesticide and heavy metal uptake though. Watercress is a good example…and alfalfa sprout nod nods.

    Anyway … agree about destroying tastes. Potatoes in cold. Bad bad. Same with onion yes.

    Oh…and do not put banana’s next to other fruits …makes the other fruits start to rot faster. (I believe bananas give off some kind of chemical that increases the rate of degradation?)

    Boiling foods is normally a nutrient killer too…unless you use the liquid for stock nod nods.

    I sooo want soup right now…

    *pssstttt….how are you and the roomies feeling?*

  2. *smiles proudly* I am full of arsenic.. Oh no wait, that is Popeye Friend Chicken I ate..

    but well, I do eat a lot of rice… from both Louisiana and Texas. *nods*


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