Where is common sense?

Who is following you… listening to you… watching…

Did you look behind you? Or around the room?

What I mean, is on the web.. internet.. that spooky place that makes the world so small.

Technology has made the World smaller, you speak to people from a lot farther away.

How about throwing a little birthday party, inviting a few friends.

oh oh… then the trouble starts… then the world explodes… literally.

A 16 year old girl decided to invite some friends to her birthday party, so she posted it on facebook.. and forgot to mark it as private… so it went to more than just her friends… it went to some 30,000 people. 

3,000 or so of them showed up, ready to party.

The town she lives in, only has 18,000 people in it. A nice quiet town. Well not that night.

Seems common sense sort of vanished. 

Riots broke out. Looting, fires, damage, people were hospitalized. 

The morning after…


600 riot police were called in to help sort things out.

Sort of sad that this becomes necessary. Why did all those people go to the party to start with? Shops were looted, a car was set on fire, signs and lamposts were damaged. Windows were broken in shops.

How does the riot mentality take over one? To be a part of a large crowd, let your inhibitions leave you, your common sense to depart?

Herd behavior

It takes us over. We flock, it applies to business too. Stock market meltdowns are examples of herd behavior. When common sense departs. Is it an excuse, something we can say we couldn’t help? NO. Don’t be a guppy. Everyone is an individual. Even in a mob.

But things like this happen, when we allow primal instincts to overtake us.

A 16 year old girls, special birthday party.. will live in her memory for a long time, but not happily. 

as she watches her sleepy little town burn.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. *gulp* Wow… that is absolutely crazy.. But well, where were the parents? the adults in all of this??

    • getting more dip? hiding under the couch? lol.. the parents, were probably frantic with worry, watching horror unfold.

      The other “adults” were drinking beer.. and probably other things..

      nods, I don’t use the word ‘crazy’ much, but in this case it fits.

      • Jeeze.. *just shakes my head* I know it is common to have a special for the ‘Sweet 16’.. but a small gathering in your home, a place you rent if it is more.. But parents letting 3,000 people to a party.. Simply need their ass kicked..

  2. I remember reading that story, hon. And the problem of course is that the people who show up have no common sense or common decency (I can’t believe I am using the term “common decency”; I must be old!). And Chey, it was adults that showed up and caused destruction, not just a lot of 16 year olds. And the crowd overwhelmed the relatively small town, in part because no one expected it.

    • They did post it on face book again, the next day, it seems a lot showed up to help clean the mess up. I wonder if there were any party goers in that group.

    • Oh damn.. Well, I don’t know the story.. only what I was reading here. If adults show up at your 16 year old’s party.. You simply ask them to leave, or call the police to have them removed. You don’t let them continue in it…

      Ok, maybe that is why I am a bitch.. which suits me just fine.

      • tries to picture you standing at the door.. hands on hips.. telling three thousand people to go home… *giggles*

        maybe that is what happened, and why they tore up the town.

      • Oh one can be very persuasive if after saying ‘this is a party for my 16 year old and her friends’, you pull out a .45, and aim it at them.. *nods lots*

        But a simply phone call would have done the trick too.. Not let them tear up the town.

  3. maybe they all brought gifts…

  4. Sounds like the Vancouver riots… I mean what on earth were people thinking?? sad that these things happen… it is about common sense, and perhaps common courtesy… I mean would you just show up at some-one’s B-day party just because you saw it on FB? I know I wouldn’t unless I knew the person and was personally invited!! that’s just being respectful and courteous… *sigh*

    • And the riots in Toronto. It is sad people feel they are so special that they can do that.

      A lot of it was some project x or something, they seem to be trouble makers. They wore their shirts with the logo on them, related to some movie.

      Reality should settle in just a bit.. well a lot I think.

  5. It’s as if people sometimes use other’s mistakes as an excuse for causing trouble and having bad behavior.

    That so many took part is disturbing. Mob mentality. Not an excuse … but a feckin evil.


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