Advertisers need to be honest

Confusing Lawsuit.

Advertisers misconceiving… or is there more.

Why would a food producer back down from its claims and settle out of court?

Why are they willing to pay 1.7 million to do this?

Danone, a yogurt producer has agreed to settle the case for $1.7 million. What case?

A Montreal woman took issue with their claims that the yogurt and or probiotic  drinks could aid digestion and boost the body’s defenses thanks to the good bacteria it contains.

Strange, because yogurt will do that.

So why has Danone backed down? What are they making?

Yogurt doesn’t need to have added probiotics, the process to make it ensures they are present. And they are very good for you.  Added ones, if really added, are even better.

Probiotics aid digestion, and boost the body’s defenses… so again, what are they producing, why are they willing to back down?

eeps… It really makes me wonder now.


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I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. yeah really, it does make you wonder… what the heck is in their yogurt and why are they willing to settle out of court??? I may have to check this story out for more details (if there are any more to be found)…

  2. They will pay anyone that claims to have purchased their products in the past, I think, three years or so, if you can prove it, you get more money. Darn I just threw out all my yogurt receipts… I mean, who keeps yogurt receipts for longer than three years? I had to clean my drawer out…

    I eat yogurt, I eat a good deal of it, I love it and I know the benefits are healthy ones.. but I really wonder why theirs is suddenly, hmmm or never was in that category? Is it really yogurt?

  3. Ok…I LOVE yogurt too. When you find out more … either of you … I want to know too. (If I find out something I will let you all know as well).

    Was it regular yogurt by the way? Or Greek yogurt? Or their who line of yogurts?

    I am confused by the way about this….I mean, it’s not like they can pull the probiotics out. Or is the claim that probiotics do no have the benefits they claim?

  4. And by the way …. the last time were talking about how we post…then go in and edit them to put them with the correct tags and in the correct category.

    Uhmm…dumb as a stump category? haha

  5. Labeling and claims need to be honest, or you can not trust any of the producers products. We need to make yogurt from scratch, then we will know what is in it.

    • I agree with you Aimee. (about the labeling of products)….but I have never made my own yogurt.

      I suspect Amber will post a yogurt making blog now..yeah. but…am still waiting on the grits report lol

      • We haven’t made the grits yet. Apparently you can get instant ones, that do not require ages of cooking time. But someone didn’t buy that kind.

        Yogurt can be made in a crock pot. I suspect that will be our next project. I like things we make from scratch. They always taste better.

      • In a crock pot??? ok…I soooo am going to be watching for it!

  6. Looks on in disbelief? What? Still haven’t had the grits? *Keels over*….Alright, I have somehow been revived. Ages of cooking time? No ways! 25 minutes (depends, maybe 20 maybe 30) and yes you have to stir or even whisk (quick cooking grits only take 10 minutes at the most) Once nice and creamy, remove from heat, then stir in butter and black pepper, before finally adding shredded sharp cheddar cheese (some friends also add in a lil Monterey Jack cheese too) and stirring that in. If you want to get fancy prepare with shrimp, andouille sausage, peppers and onion. Yummy! *s*


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