Trying new foods..

Ok, we did it. After threatening to for a week or more, we finally did it.  It was a test, there may be more.. but we took the plunge tonight.

Yes, we made grits….

There are so many recipes, and we tried but one, and it wasn’t really a recipe as I changed it. I cooked pork chops, fried in onions and garlic.. and red wine.. oh and some butter, nicely seasoned. 

And I boiled one and a half cups of milk and the same of water, salted and peppered.. added a cup of grits, stirred constantly over a reduced heat, watched as it thickened and bubbled, turning the heat lower and lower. I added butter, and a bit more milk, and kept stirring. I added a few cheeses. some Parmesan , Old cheddar, Monterrey Jack and a bit of Havarti, a bit of thyme too. 

When the chops were cooked I made a nice gravy with the reduced wine and the juice from the chops, it was yummy.

Oh we had cauliflower too. Steamed  Not that it changes things, but I wanted to point out our balanced diet. 

So now you are wondering the verdict?

Well it was very cheesy, the texture is different, at first it takes a bit to get use to, like a mushy risotto perhaps.

Did we like it? Well it was split a bit. I didn’t love it at first, but when I mixed the grits with the pork and onions, with that great gravy, it was very good, by the time I had finished, I wanted more.

Jill was the same, she liked it, but wants to try it without cheese and spices. 

Meg.. well she didn’t love it… well she didn’t even really like it. But she did give it a good try.

Aimee too, she ate more of it, but I am thinking she wasn’t thrilled, mostly with the texture, but she thinks it may be good like a cream of wheat. for a breakfast.  I agree. I think that could be really good, cooked with vanilla and perhaps some brown sugar. mmmmm.  But we need to wait a bit, perhaps I can trick Meg into trying it again.

I did like it a lot though, but on its own.. hmmm, not sure. I need to try it more ways.. and it made a lot.. I mean.. a lot… I mean we have a really big bowl of it left. lol, wonder how it will be with fried eggs and bacon in the morning.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Yuck. LOL. Awww ber, it wasn’t horrible. I didn’t like it though.

  2. hmmmm, well AG, we tried it. Ambers even was talking with a southern accent.. pssst, it was really good too… her accent.. the grits.. hmmm.

    blech? lol. I think they will be really good for breakfast, that is how I wanted to try them.

  3. Noooo, they were yummy. It was hard to eat though with all the laughing, y’all.

  4. *Cheers!* I am so proud of all of you! I think Amber did a wonderful job too. Ya’ll are on your way to being proper southern girls. So how was Amber’s southern accent really? *s*

  5. First ~ yahhhhh on the review…and for you all…wait…y’all…being the grit guinea pigs!

    Hmmmm …at first it sounded a bit like polenta? But…more creamy?

    Damn, I really wanted it to be good … but…hmm..wonders if I should find a recipe to try too anyway.

    Nevertheless…SUPER kudos for trying it everyone. Now I can stop bugging about it lol.

    *wonders if Chey will weigh in now*

  6. Kudos to you and your roomies… I personally don’t think I could eat them with gravy, cheese and such as I have always had them the way Aimee suggested – done like cream of wheat with some butter, milk and teeny sprinkle of sugar… they are pretty darn yummy that way… 🙂

  7. the first foodie blog i’ve come across and i love the way you write. i’m definitely hungry for more!

  8. Grits is one of those foods, you have to have an acquired taste for.. It’s truly a Southern dish.. *nods*


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