You are not alone.

For today’s blog, I am going to ramble on a bit. Oh not to torment you or to be obtuse. but I want the blog/post to unfold like my thoughts. To coin a recently used phrase, like a twisted ball of twine. Ok, here is a map to today’s blog… just so you can follow along.


*grins* that is perfect. It is just like thoughts. The path they take, the leaps and jumps… the gaps they often have.

Thoughts can be like that, mired and rambling, sort of like the string of Christmas lights you oh so carefully put away, but the aliens come and twist them all up, when they leave you that extra sock.

What? you didn’t know that? Oh come on, you all have an extra sock. You don’t think the aliens are taking one do you? Why would they want a dirty sock? They are leaving an extra one to mess up your mind. It is a plot.

Still with me?

I do have some points to make, I suppose I could just type them out, but I think…  hmm, no, I am going to ramble on a bit.

Bogging is interesting, fascinating actually. I realized I need to sort mine out a bit. I like to be organized and my blog is a bit of a mess. Categories have been used wrong, I need to go back and fix old posts, so they can be found easier, and in the right areas. *groans* in my short time, it seems I have almost 200 posts to fix. But I will. It is a project, one of many.

Ok, so back to blogging. I have noticed something very interesting. People, often are searching, reaching out, looking for something. Answers. Support.

They are finding it too. Bloggers seem to be a family.

With counseling, group therapy is often very successful. Why?

For many reasons. Mainly support, and that you discover that you are not alone, different. Others are like you. You can rant and people listen, they don’t laugh, point, shake their heads or walk away, you can cry and they will cry with you. Because they have been there, they know how you feel, they have felt that way too, or still do. That support is very special. It holds you up. You grow from it, when you realize you are not alone and facing things that others face. Some times they have faced them and overcome them. It gives you hope.

Some can offer suggestions at how they cope, handle things, things they tried that worked, things that didn’t. lend support. How messed up they were, the roads they went down…  roads you may be peeking at now.

You also gain different perspectives to things, different views from the groups. We are all the same, but we are all different too, confusing?

Blogging is like this, I am seeing this as I poke around a bit. Comments people make on different blogs, they tentatively reach out with a whisper.. and the blogger sees that whisper and feels their thoughts, because they share them… and reaches back with a strong hand and pull them in with a reply, a whisper back. you are not alone.

Because they know how much some support can mean. That the person is not alone, not different, not sick. They have been there, they share their feelings, thoughts, emotions, concerns… condition.

It can go the other way too. A blog is started, whispers in the dark. It is easy, no one knows you. You just start putting your thoughts on the screen, and then someone replies. You discover you are being read. There is someone out there that you have touched. It could be just a like, it could be great like a comment. Just a hug perhaps, or something in depth, a reply that makes you feel special. Because you are not alone anymore.


Blogging is strong.

When that whisper is made and the person is pulled in, they feel comforted. Like a hug. Knowing that you are not alone, it can pull you out of the shadows. And then other comments are made, replies, conversations start. Slow ones, but sometimes with great depth.  Friendships form in many cases. Like in chat, because you are going right into peoples minds with out labels, or preconceptions. You are visiting people in their barest form.

It is interesting. It is thesis material perhaps, the effects of blogging relating to social interactions… hmm, so many ideas.

How powerful blogging can be. How it could become a powerful tool, aid. Like group counseling.

It can be very hard to make, that first comment sometimes, you may feel it labels you, so you hold back… you think about commenting, your finger hovers over the reply buttons, perhaps you type one out, but don’t post it.. but keep reading. Sometimes you click on like, because it touched you, but still hold back.

Make that comment. You may make someones day, when they see your whisper from nowhere appear on their screen. They know they are not alone too. It goes both ways. 

The mind is so interesting. Confusing. Sometimes it skips around a bit. Messes with you a bit. Labels are often applied to different conditions. disorders. They can be very daunting, scary. Knowing others share this, and that you can talk to them openly, and they are half a world away… it is very interesting. 

Many “disorders” lead to depression. ’tis understandable, and hard to shake, but again, reaching out and finding… talking.. sharing, it can be the lever you need to pry yourself out of that darkness. 

And then share that with others, offer them that lever when you see the darkness swirling around them, and feel their hope when they feel you tug back on it… it can be uplifting. For both of you.

you are not alone

This shared passion doesn’t just apply to the mind. Though this is where it may have the strongest impact. 

Cooking, photography.. I could go on and on, but we know that. 

It is a sharing. 

hmmm, I think I made my point. I am not sure, I will wait to see the comments. Maybe I will revisit this, expand on it.


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. exactly… I so totally relate to the part about leaving comments… you type it out you read it, you re-read, you think OMG I am such a dork! you backspace it… you retype it… you hesitate… let it sit for 5 minutes then hit reply… and hold your breath… I feel that way each time I comment for the first time on some-one’s blog… after that its easy…

    but I know how comforting it is to have some-one say “hey I get it! – keep sharing – thanks”… I really started this with no idea how it worked or if it was worth my time and effort… but I learned quickly it is sooo worth it… I have been filled with new strength upon finding that people actually read, and like what I have to say and that they support me…

    🙂 yes the blog-o-sphere is like finding family you didn’t even know you had…

  2. a comment on a new blog, carefully scripted. you hit reply… and see a typo.. omg… and no edit feature.. there goes that first impression.

    I think blogging is a great thing in so many ways. For some, that live far from others, a way to reach out, the world is really small. There are a lot of very nice people in it. Reaching out to a stranger, getting a hug and smile. Some encouragement, support *nods* it is special

  3. frontrangescribbles

    For me it’s the feeling someone thinks the same as I am or experienced something like I have, the reaching out like you mentioned so well.

  4. Firstly – I thought it was a sticky ball of twine?!?!? Haha!

    Secondly – I had to scroll down to see your “map” … and it just about made me spit on my computer screen. OMG that was soooooo funny!

    Thirdly – the seriouser part of my comment. (oh…new word alert…I just made up “seriouser” yah!)

    Uhmm…seriouser part … I agree about how the blog world does allow for sharing … you find people in similar situations. Or with similar backgrounds. Or just another who you connect with. Nod nods. I found you and Andrea *smiles*. Ok..technically I knew you previously…but now knows you wayyyyyyy better from here!

    I like the way you talk of how we make that initial contact….as a whisper I mean. A lot of times I don’t whisper…I totally jump into the pool making a cannonball splash … but that is when I find a fun post that I totally love. When I see a piece of writing that just tugs at my heart, or that makes me think that something is just grand lovely, or when someone just gets an emotion down that makes me want to cry … I do whisper. I send a comment…and hit send. And wonder, “I hope they know I can feel their words.”

    Nods…that was how it was the first time I read Andrea’s blog …

    It happens with emails too … when you email for something other than technical …when you email out of friendship…the first time…tis a whisper. I remember the first time I emailed you Amber … not about a site related question … but just to say hi. I did so timidly. But I am glad I did. Just as I am glad in just about every instance when reaching out here.

    • awww, ty Katie, I am glad you did send that email as well. You are very special. And it is true, what you said. Some blogs, the ones you feel the emotion in, the little cry for help.. or one that tugs something from you, the first post or comment you make is done with trepidation, with the hope you are sharing something with them.

      And as you know, I often blog for a person. When I want to pass something along to them. As with this blog, it is the way it started, but it grew as I thought more of it.

      But the blog was to someone I recently discovered. To let her know she is not alone, and she is discovering that with other blogs, and things are going to get better. It may be a bit hard, but some things are. My mother once told me, when I was about your age, not that long ago.. There are times you will feel the whole world is against you. But push past that feeling, because it isn’t really. You have it within you to rise above it all and become something truly special. Of course you are now too.

      *grins* sorry to hijack your comment Katie. *hugs*

      • Hijack my blog and/or my comments any time!

        And I hope this friend of your knows she is not alone (*wonders if tis the person you once mentioned before*).

        I love that you like helping others…yah you! I so want to give you some kind of award…but thinks for you the bestest award would be your friends *smiles*

      • nods, friends are rewards. And no, tis a new person. 🙂

  5. I know how passionate you get when you feel someones emotion. And how you try to help. Whispers to you… you are special.

    je t’aimerai toujours et un jour de plus

  6. Ok I know I am behind here.. mark it up to me being slow, old, or just brain dead.. but I really haven’t been feeling good.. So it’s all of the above and more..

    Excellent blog, I must say. and I totally agree with you.. I love reading people’s comments.. and I find myself going back to the blogs to see the input of others.. I guess you can say I am nosy.. *LOL* But I do like reading the different view points, or though processes etc..


    • there are times you post a blog and hit submit… then eagerly await the comments, to see how you touched others. It could be you posted a blog filled with humor and are awaiting the comebacks, knowing that your smile will grow.

      It could be a whisper for help, and you never expect an answer.. and when you see it.. your heart beats faster.

      it also just lets you know you have friends, friendships that are growing.

      And ideas, future blogs, more thinking and more comments often grow, until the comments are better than the blog that inspired them.


      • That is a very good point too about the comments. A lot of times I might say I am doing this for myself … but admits … the comments…responses ..nods at all you say.

        I love that you also mention that the comments often morph…grow …adds to ..turns into something beyond the blog.

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