Something to make you go hmmmmm

Sometimes it is fun to look for things that make you go hmmmmm.

Often I find things that make me go eeeeeps instead though.

But I put on my brave face and went looking today… and found this

Are you ready?

ok, if you are sure.. take a sip of your favorite beverage first… I did.

I have to be honest… it sort of took my breath away… well it did, I was choking on my tea.

so, my big question, is not why is the one fellow fishing with no pants. I can see that, he didn’t want to get them wet….

But what is the second fellow waiting for? oh wait, I have just so many questions. waiting for a taxi? lining up? holding the bait? 

I can see that I am going to be very busy… someone has some issues. lol

Just wanted to put a grin on your face. Its nice to break out in a grin now and then, even if you are saying hmmmmm.

oh… for more pondering..

can you ride it?



About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. I think I did a lot more than go hhhhmmmmmmmm on that one… before even reading I was laughing…. you know that silent laugh that makes you upper body shake… where if you had taken a sip of something you’d be wearing it along with who or what ever is right across from you… and if you’re real lucky it might even come out of your nose!!! yea that laugh… 😀

  2. Now, I guess I am more out to hmmm over why the one looking like he is holding a ‘briefcase’ think he could pull off a speedo.

    I have to wonder if he is wearing the old man’s.. and the old man is fishing for the younger guy’s suit.. *shakes my head*

    Like I didn’t have enough useless garbage running around in there.. *LOL*

  3. Huh? What is wrong with that photo? It looks normal to me. I go fishing all the time in my knickers. whilst holding my laptop.

    Hahahaha … I figured I’d keep Amber’s theme of “hmmmmm” going. Because now you are all wondering….”OMG…is Katie joking or is she serious?”

    (And I even clicked the photo so I could see it bigger … ohhh … close-up o speedo man. *makes gurgly sounds with my throat* ….ohhh plaid …. ohhhh


  4. oh he is hawt… lol

  5. *Fans myself* Such a handsome man in a speedo. Hold me back. *gglz* Sorry everyone, have found my true love! Aimee, he is mine!


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