Shadows – flickering and curling wrapping you in fog

Shadows flickering and curling

I see you there,

curled up so tight.

in that little ball,

shaking with fright.


my heart flips,

through the fog I see.

feeling your emotions,

seeing what could be.


the shadows flickering,

curling about you.

offering a pretend comfort,

with deception too.


its feeding off you,

drawing you deeper.

so hard to pull out,

making you a sleeper.


my hand looks blurry,

as it reaches in the haze.

light glowing like a halo,

dancing through the maze.


that glimmer of light,

of possibilities and hope.

your eyes blink uncertainly

and withdraw from my grope.


wanting and hoping,

but doubting too.

no hope, no desire,

in darkness of goo.


a whisper is heard

in that foggy mire.

reach out to me,

for I will never tire.


my whisper echoes,

in the silvery haze.

a smile beckons,

and I catch your gaze.


hope, sparks,

can it be?

is it possible,



It is there, reaching out

my hand it is so clear,

filled with a choice,

hope, it is so near.


all it takes is a tiny move,

so I can grasp and tug.

and yank you out.

and give you a  hug.


you can do it,

give it a try.

wave your hand,

don’t make me cry.


hope is there,

though it will often hide.

the shadows are strong,

pulling you aside.


those curly dark thoughts.

that invade your space,

toss them aside.

and look into my face,


someone is there,

waiting to reach out.

peek into the light,

from your world of doubt.




About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

20 responses »

  1. Oh wow. I love this. You are sooo evocative. I love the mood you cast here, rather like its own flickering shadow… I am envious and truly impressed.

  2. Oh ber that was so nice. 🙂

    Tu es la lumiere d’un ange

  3. Absolutely powerful. I loved it. I like the sense of optimism in all that darkness.

  4. Nods …. I too thought this was …. nods…trying to figure out what words I wish to use…it was filled with a longing to reach out … and had hope in it. Nods.

    Knows when you write certain things tis for a reason. I hope it reaches it’s intended …and that they reach back.

    Good work again amber.

  5. oh Ambers

    tu m’as fait pleurer

  6. Wow! This is absolutely wonderful… Very deep… *hugs ya*

  7. Je t’embrasse très fort *winks*

  8. This is very powerful Amber, it takes you over, captures you. But it offers such comfort too.

  9. Thinks this one is touching peoples empathy parts….thinks everyone has been there…whether the reacher outer…or the reachee.

  10. Do you still write poetry?


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