trick or treat

So.. Halloween approachith … time for little munchkins out robbing your house of goodies.. and parties too. Costume parties. woo hoo.

So what to wear, we discussed it last night. It was a great debate. Should we just repeat last years or something new. I mean we can’t be seen just going with a do-over.. shiesh.

So what did we come up with.


well nothing yet. *pouts*

We did rule some out though. We had some good suggestions.. and some that, well.. 

Here, like this, Jill said we could go as a herd of sheep…  seeee, its not just me. We ruled that one out. *nods lots*

and before she could try some other cute furry thing.. we said no fur. or four legs.. so no ponies either.

Aimee thought going as  wine bottles could be neat, but we didn’t know how to make them. And I pointed out.. we have to be able to dance, not clink…. 

She nodded then and pondered more. I like it when she ponders, it is fun to watch. 

I said I could give them all gi’s to wear. I thought that was a great idea. Megan asked who would get the purple silk one… I mean, I really like that one. Jill pointed out that that would be fine for some of the shorter people…. but two of us would possibly look like we were in a flood. us?

gawds.. wonder who she means?

so now I was pondering too. 

Jill said suits, we could all wear suits and draw on cute little mustaches, go as business men. Oh great we will all be little MBA’s I said… she said only two of us would be little ones..  and smirked. omg she smirked. 

We started to brainstorm a bit then, hobo, cook, ghosts, harry potter characters…

I said wino’s, Megan thought that was funny, I got a look from Aimee. eeeps.

this is getting stressful. I mean have you seen Aimee’s “look”?

So again.. we ruled a lot out, that is probably a good first step. uhm, isn’t it?

We may ponder this more tonight, we decided on a stay at home Friday. Maybe a game of chess… *giggles* oh, you haven’t heard about our tackle chess. It is a lot of fun. There are not too many rules.  Maybe I will wear my purple gi.. 


About sensuousamberville

I am a Practitioner, teacher and student. I think we should always be students, we should keep our minds open, to continue to learn. :-) Now a mother of two little ones.

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  1. Amber sweetie, you can go as ‘the smart blonde’… since we know it fictional… *LOL* and then runs…

  2. I soooo want to hear about this tackle chess thing…this is the second mention about it. Poooossssstttt iiiiiitttt.

    Now, as for wine bottles, you can make them out of foam thingsy…neck the top down…and cover with felt of different covers! You hands and legs can come out the side…you face can be just as it necks down nod nods…then it is soft and flexible and you can dance.

    I want shanna to comment about the suits too *giggles*

    Ok…you did not ask for suggestions…but I am me…so am giving them.

    Option A
    4 musketeers…but not the sword people…but the candy bars!!! Mmm…there is the regular one..the dark chocolate one … the extra cream one …and the frozen ice cream one. mmmmmmmm.

    Option 2
    The Powder Puff Girls. There are 3…each with a color and personality! (Ok…you need one more…one of you would need to go as their “dad”, Professor Utominum!) ….yeah, I used to watch this with the child!

    Option Pink
    The Olympic Rings … each of you could be a colour. (Hmmm….you’d need a 5th person. *raises my hand* …. shoves Chey and Jen and Andea and everyone else out the way*)

    Option WTF?
    Each of you could pick something from one of your blogs .. a kitchen faucet … birdseed .. grits .. free speech. (Ok…admits, this is kinda bizzare…how you make a costume of those I cannot fathom…I am the idea person damnit…not ms implementer!)

    I had better stop…my head is going goofy crazy with ideas that make no sense.

    Now….the tackle chess thingy …. pooooossstttt itttttt…


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